Game Of Thrones – Coming from behind!

Game Of Thrones – Coming from behind!
It wasn’t exactly that I’d been ‘resisting’ watching Game Of Thrones – I just see all these fad series like ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Lost’ and my heart sinks.
How the feck am I going to commit to watching 657 episodes FFS?
I barely watch any TV!
Last week I sat down with the wench one night and finally plucked up the will to give it a go.
Unsurprisingly, I do quite like a bit of swordage.  I’m trained in using foil, sabre, broadsword (single, hand and a half and two-handed), and a variety of Japanese pointy stuff.
I was happy to see the little girl using ‘Needle’ as well as all the other hardware!
It had zombie things at the start, followed by lies, betrayal, lots of sex (all doggystyle, for some reason?).
In fact, we watched the first 4 episodes that night, and within a week we’ve ‘done’ all of series 1.
The only thing missing was dragons, and now that’s been addressed, too!
I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked on it.  I’m a bit worried about how fast I’ll go through the other 4 series, and be left with nothing!
Maybe I’ll start ‘Vikings’ next?  Or revisit the 1990s and find the excellent prison drama that was ‘Oz’.
Whatever happens, I just hope that little twat Joffrey gets proper done over!