Negative Responses

Negative Responses

Something that really pisses me off is the casual negativeness that everyone seems to accept.

The biggest example of this is when you say to someone “How are you?” or similar.

The response almost EVERYONE seems to give?

“Oh… I’m not too bad.”

Not TOO bad?!? Like, you’re BAD, but compared to usual it’s a little better?!

Fuck you all!

I always answer with “I’m good*, thanks!”

How about you?

*If you’re not ‘good’, 99% of people asking don’t give a shit so won’t want to hear about it, anyway.

Give Policing To The Proleteriat

Give Policing To The Proleteriat

I came across this article the other day:

Local communities should be given more powers to “reclaim their streets” in the fight against anti-social behaviour, says Baroness Newlove.

The Baroness is the widow of Gary Newlove who was murdered by a gang outside his home in Warrington four years ago. She has spent six months looking at the problem in England and Wales, and has come up with a range of recommendations.

Her proposals include tax rebates for volunteers working to make their areas safer, and giving communities the power to set their own speed limits.

Right.  They’re cutting out Police forces to death, and this idiot is suggesting giving the power to the people?

Whilst I agree with the theory of it to some extent, the main people who will stand up and volunteer for this kind of stuff is NOT the type of person who should EVER be in any kind of position of power.

The bit about making your area safer I agree with.  Hell, I’m all for vigilantes taking out the real criminals!  Chop the hands of car and bike thieves and burglers!  It’s not opportunist crime and they cause a lot of suffering.  Except the law has already proven to be on their side, and if we even wave a knife at them they’ll screw US over in court for their suffering, so what the fk are we supposed to do ‘as a society’?

The Baroness completely lost me talking about communities setting their own speed limits.

If you want a perfect illustration of the term ‘Jobsworth’, simple take a look at anyone who’s a civilian and been given a day-glo vest and a speed camera.  They’ve got all the self-importance and ideas above their station of a security guard.  And they all think they’re top level Special Forces Police!

Now add in their need to be the best, and you just KNOW that the reports filed against motorists will be embellished or just plain made up because they don’t like that person or they want to have the best figures in their Neighbourhood Special Speed Polizei gang.

Most of the fair and decent people won’t be arsed to participate in this stuff because they already have a life!

Assuming they were all fair and proper, do we REALLY want everyone driving around everywhere with their eyes glued to their speedometer rather than the road, because every half a mile the speed limit changes to some random figure set by locals?

Think about it…

My Favourite Road – Bridgnorth To Ludlow

My Favourite Road – Bridgnorth To Ludlow

As a biker, I’m happy to just jump on the bike and ride.  It doesn’t matter where I’m going, or for how long.

Much as I hate paying almost £1.40 for a litre of Super Unleaded petrol, I WILL pay it and have fk all to show from it apart from a smile on my face and slightly less rubber on my tyres, and maybe less plastic on my toe and kneesliders.  Yeah, screw you Society!  That’s how I roll!

Of course, I do have my favourite destinations.  The Redditch Cloverleaf is almost impossible to resist anytime I have to ride past and the roads are dry.  I mean, you simply pull off the dual carriageway and scrape your knee around the four corners and then carry on in the direction you were headed as if nothing had happened.  It really is Heaven.

Except this year the road surface on the Cloverleaf is rather shocking… The tarmac is broken and very rough on EXACTLY the line you want to be taking around there!

Anyway, enough about that – what I really wanted to blog about here is one of my favourite roads.

It’s the B4364 that runs from Bridgnorth to Ludlow.  It’s over 22 miles through some of the most beautiful Shropshire countryside, and has everything from open straights and fast sweeping corners to mega-tight OFM (“Oh Fuck Me!”) twisties.

Ludlow itself is a very nice place for a stop-off, as is Bridgnorth – and the Quatt Biker Cafe just outside Bridgnorth is always a mecca for bikers of all kinds who drop in for a bacon sandwich and a coffee.

At the Ludlow end of the B4364, if you head in the opposite direction towards Kidderminster, you cross the stunning Cleehill – where you’ll see a lot of my bike photographs are taken.

This was a lovely sunny day, so I got the Veho HD10+ mounted on the bike and decided to get footage of the whole of the B4364, at legal speeds to show how it is still a lot of fun to ride without being silly.

I hope you enjoy this and don’t criticise my riding too harshly!

Going Against Nature

Going Against Nature

I live by the understanding that humans are just another animal. (“sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all fours”)

We eat, sleep and fuck.  We fight.

There are rules that Nature itself sets out for us.  The problem is that various elements of the Modern World try their best to completely fuck with all this.  The Christian Church being the biggest offender, and Do-Gooders and The P.C. Brigade following closely behind.  If you look really closely you’ll see a Feminism banner being waved in the same crowd, too.

Maybe I should make this into a series, as there are so many things this can branch off into?  Racism… Sexuality… Sadomasochism etc.

This is going to be aimed at Family, though.

So what does Nature have to say about the whole concept of a human family?  Let’s go way back to the post-monkey era (and I don’t mean the late 70s)…

As with many animals, Humans are drawn together to mate.  This is an instinct to ensure survival of the species at a base level – you know the drill: Alpha Male passes on his stronger genes by slinging his muck up the best females available, and as many as he possibly can, too.

This last part is one of the first things that was phased out.  While it may or may not be true that Humans are monogamous, it’s certainly been beaten into us that we are, in fact, only SUPPOSED to pick one partner and stick with them for the duration of our lives.  We’ve accepted this, mainly because nobody wants to deal with an army of Chuck Norris’s babies taking over the world.  There’s enough of us – we can all do this and make it work.

So the whole idea of marriage came in – no doubt forced by religious types who otherwise wouldn’t EVER get a woman to fuck them more than once before they went back to Ugg for some genetically superior monkey sex.  So for the sake of this you’re just going to have to accept the One-Man-To-One-Woman theory.

An unfortunate side-effect of this mating malarkey, is a screaming ‘orrible mass of meat that flops out of the female and is known as a Child.  Whilst undoubtedly many of these first Children were cooked and eaten as a gift from the Gods, Humans soon got the message that Nature intended for these to be kept alive to grow and continue the Human Legacy.

And here (and fuck me has this taken a while) is the issue that I want to deal with today.

Nature, without a doubt, intended the Female to look after, feed and nurture this Child.  Bullshit emotions, chemicals, and thought patterns aside – the simple fact is that women produce the food source for Children via breast milk.  Therefore it makes sense that the Mother should look after the Child until it can fend for itself.

This means the Man soon found out playing X-Box in the cave soon ended in having to eat the Child.  He was assigned the task to smear a few lines of warpaint on his face and go out and get food and build shelter for Woman and Child.  Don’t ask why Man needs warpaint – he just does, ok?

So all this modern ‘equality’ stuff is unnatural.  Sure, Modern Man CAN stay at home looking after the Children whilst Woman goes off hunting and making houses – but that is ONLY because of modern technology!

It is not what Nature intended for Humans to do.  Go back not too many years and it wouldn’t have been possible, because without food from a Woman, the Child would die.  This is what happens with other animals.

So is it right that we’re fighting so hard to go against Nature with all this?

Or is it just progress of our species?  Is it just possible that this is a Bad Thing?

If pigs apparently have better/longer orgasms than Humans, do they have more sex and more partners?

Yoke-Mounting The Veho HD10+ And Remote Operation

Yoke-Mounting The Veho HD10+ And Remote Operation

Continuing the saga of how to get the most of my Veho Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+ camera, I again went to the ‘official’ Veho crafted mounts – this time I stuck the slide-in-and-click base pad onto my top yoke.  On my ZX9R this isn’t ideal, because there’s very little space to stick it down, and because of its size it had to be stuck on at a slight angle.

It was about then that I realised any movement of the bars risked pressing the camera against the metal fairing brace!  Unlike the sticky mount with the velcro that I used to mount the camera to my tank reccently, this was intsantly stuck to the yoke as if it had been welded on!  Even after a minute or so it was stuck so hard I can probably lift the bike off the ground and it would still stay stuck!  Great for withstanding high speeds, but make sure you plan out your mounting point for this one very carefully!

Luckily, as it turns out, the camera only just about touches the fairing brace on full left lock.  In the video you’ll hear it vibrate against it as I’m turning the bike around – but obviously when actually riding the bike at speed the bars barely turn, so this isn’t an issue.

There is some vibration, but far less than there was from the fuel tank.  The view is quite good of the clocks and through the screen, but you only get the top half of the speedo and rev counter in view.

Removal is very quick and easy, as you simply push two clips together and slide the mount and camera from the sticky pad, much like a rucksack strap fastener.

You’ll see from the video that I also did a night time test.  The HD10+ performed better than expected – the picture is still very grainy, but where there is a good light source from streetlamps or my headlight, it picks up quite a lot, and also handles oncoming headlights quite well.

I’ve had a few questions lately about the remote operation unit.  This works from radio frequencies, so doesn’t have to be pointing at the camera to operate, and seems to have a good range.  I placed the Veho at one end of my house and it still operated instantly from the remote on the far side of the house and through a wall!  So it should be absolutely fine if you’re going to bury the camera in the depths of your bike/car and operate it this way.

For the very first operation you have to ‘pair’ the remote to your camera by holding down the OK/Shutter button on the HD10+ and then turning the power switch to ‘On’.  Then you hold down the ‘Record’ and ‘Stop’ buttons together on the remote (within 3 secs of the camera powering up) and you’re done.

As ever, if you need any more advice or info on this Veho Vcc005, feel free to ask and I shall do my best to answer or test it!

No Longer A Jobless Bum!

No Longer A Jobless Bum!

Since being made redundant, I haven’t really done much.  That’s the main problem with being unemployed – you sit at home all day doing bugger-all apart from watching Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy.  In tracksuit trousers.  So there isn’t a Hell of a lot to talk to your friends and family about!

Well the other day I had my first job interview in about 5 years.  I’ve done a couple of days temp work recently as well, which was partly soul destroying but also helped kick me back into the working day.  So this interview…

It was for a company I thought I’d heard had a high staff turnover, was for legal people so I assumed it would be strict and boring, is for a temporary 5 month contract, and I’m taking about a £7000 per year pay cut over my last job as it’s through an employment agency.  On top of this the interview was attended by a group of us, and would be up to half a day long, with people being cut as the day went on depending on how we performed through each stage.

As you may expect, I was not very excited by this, but decided to go and just use this first interview for some experience for future jobs.  I can safely say I didn’t even want this job when I got up that day.  Added to this, the night before when I looked at the email I’d received of the job details etc, I noticed they wanted me to look carefully at an attachment which would outline what kind of answers they’d be expecting to hear from me during the interview part.  This attachment was missing, so I’d just have to wing it and hope for the best…

Then I buggered up with my shirts and the only one available was one that I wouldn’t be able to wear a tie with!  Argh!  It was quite lucky I didn’t care!

I drove there nice and early as I’d been told parking could be awkward, and sat in the car looking over my CV so I could answer anything about myself they questioned me on.  People often forget this, and end up looking a bit stupid.

Signing in at the reception, I met the other candidates, who were all in smart dress and ranged from the young sales type to middle-aged women who’d probably been doing this same stuff forever.  We didn’t talk to each other.

The first task was proof-reading a letter.  There were 15 errors, and we had 15 minutes to go over it and find and correct them.  Afterwards as the interviewer left the room we chatted and found none of us had found all 15 – most had between 11 and 13.  I found about 3 in the last minute as I looked over it for a final time and found 14, but decided not to tell them that!  It may even have been the full 15…  Hey, I’m a published Poet, Writer and Blogger!  I OWN that shit!

Then we had a Group Exercise where we were given descriptions of 8 people who’d gone pot holing, got trapped, and we had to choose two who would have to be sacrificed as the others got free.  I -ing HATE stuff like this, but got involved early and tried to contribute a lot without being too controversial.  You lot may have noticed that I often look at the world in a far different way from most.  This was a very useful trait back when I was doing the Private Investigator and Surveillance work, and it’s great for blogs, but generally I try not to show this off to people incase they think I’m a Weirdo!

Oh, and all through this exercise we were being observed on a one-to-one basis by scary boss-type people who we were told to ignore.

There was a break after this and we were sent to the on-site cafe whilst they totalled the scores up and decided who to send home early and who went through to the next stage.

All of us but one went through, and to be honest I’d have lost the same one, too.  She was one of those people who just didn’t seem to ‘get’ it.

We started to chat amongst ourselves and they all seemed ok.  Between the next two stages we all came back to the same table, and everyone loosened up a bit so we had a bit of a joke as we discussed the day and life in general.

First of the final stages for me was the face to face interview with two Boss Monkeys.  I absolutely dread interviews and am terrible at them.  I don’t really want to sell myself, and even for my ideal job all I really want to say is “Just give me the -ing job and I’ll turn up and do it, then go home and spend money on stuff I like doing!”.  I don’t want to head the company in 5 years time, I just want a stable source of income and don’t care what it is.  Not having to work with bastards is a great bonus, and I just don’t want to dread going to work every day!

But you can’t say this stuff at interviews!

Despite not having the info everyone else got from the aforementioned email attachment, I was immensely relieved that the two interviewing me were very laid back and it was all quite informal!  They had their list of set questions (which DIDN’T include the obligatory “Why do you want this job?” and “Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”), but for the most part we ended up just chatting.

Next was the competency assessment, where we had to take a simulated phone call from an awkward client.  This is surprisingly hard to do when you don’t have product knowledge, or really know what tools and info you have at your disposal.  I did far too many “err…”‘s for my liking, but that seemed to go ok, and then I was done.

Ironically, by this time I’d decided I did quite want this job, as it seemed a pretty good place to work!

I went back to my car to find I was blocked in literally by about 10 cars!  There was no way I could go back and get them to call the employees and move them, so I had a look at the grass bank leading to the road, prayed nobody was watching out of the windows, and did a Colin MacRae over the grass!

Oh, and I’ve only just remembered that just as I walked out of the building I found that when I’d put my coat on a chair for the last stage, I’d accidentally picked up the interviewers cardigan, too!  Argh!!  I took it back in and handed it to reception…

Not expecting to get it, I had a voicemail message from someone at the agency later that day that sounded very negative, so I called back expecting the worst and was shocked to hear I’d got it!

So no more dole dossing journeys, and I can safely say that I NEVER felt the need to wear tracksuit bottoms unless I was heading directly to the gym, and I haven’t started smoking ganja or become an alcoholic or had to do any parental DNA tests!

The prospects for this job look good – with a definite chance to progress through the ranks if the company takes me on.  I just hope I don’t end up facing another redundancy somewhere down the line…

Tank Mounting The Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+

Tank Mounting The Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+

One problem I’ve been having with my Veho HD10 camera is with the sound.  It seems that the microphone is very sensitive, and will even pick up sounds such as vibrations and movement through the casing if you tape it to anything, like I do.

The way to get around most of the sound issues is to either use the mounts supplied by Veho, or to make your own.  I decided to try using one of the ‘official’ Veho mounts.

This one has a strong sticky pad that I stuck onto the tank.  The glue is very strong and even just plonking it on there in the cold it stayed put confidently.  Ideally, you want to make sure it’s set by sticking it on and leaving it overnight to set properly.  There are several of these types supplied.

The camera and mount attaches to this with a velcro pad.  I chose this for easy removal, but as it turns out the extra ‘give’ of the velcro meant the camera has far too much free movement!  The actual mount itself has two connecting joints (you can add more or remove them as required) – make sure these are screwed in as tight as possible, as they do work loose so the camera position moves!

My petrol tank does move a little with engine vibrations, and this didn’t help matters.  Before I’d screwed the joints up REALLY hard, I found the camera started to lean backwards under acceleration so it was filming the sky, and went forwards under hard braking and over harsh bumps.  My advice is to use as few of the joints as you possibly can for maximum stability.

I have no interest whatsoever in filming my speedometer – I don’t use cameras to show off or prove anything, so I’m not a major fan of this set-up!  You may well love it, and it could be good on track.

To eliminate the excess movement you may also want to stick the camera mount directly to the tank, and not use the velcro pad like I did.  If you do this you can still remove the mount and camera quickly and easily, as they all slide and click in securely anyway.

Oh, and the camera itself screws into the mount nicely, with no need for tape, padding, or anything else.

Overall, the mounts are all very good and very easy to use, plus they’re quite adaptable.  They’re well thought out, but you need to have a think yourself about where best to put them and which to use.

So what’s next?  I didn’t like the tank mounted option because there’s just too much movement on my bike.  I think next I will stick one of the pads onto my top yoke and see how that goes.  I’m also tempted to get the suction mount and put that on the inside of the windscreen… I’m not sure on a bike there’ll be anywhere on the screen flat enough to get good purchase, though?

And I finally got around to putting the supplied CD-ROM into my laptop – there’s nothing special on it apart from an electronic copy of the user manual, so those who can’t get it to load aren’t missing anything here!

I’ll get more pics and video of my next run…

Lickey Woods? Lick My FiveFingers!

Lickey Woods?  Lick My FiveFingers!

I was a bit disappointed to see it had rained overnight, but bravely slipped on my Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s and headed off to the Lickey Woods (near Lickey End *sniggers*) to give them a proper first try out.

One thing I noticed about them straight away is that having a much thinner sole than normal shoes and trainers, my jeans were too long for them!  They drag on the floor, and you can feel when you’re treading on them through the soles, too!  I could have worn shorts, but decided against it as it’s still only March here and in single-degrees-celsius, and more importantly you may have noticed from other pics my legs are so white it’s often been suggesting that it was the glare from them that sent Stevie Wonder blind.  Before I was born.

After having to nip into a local supermarket against my will I was surprised not to have people pointing at me and laughing.  I bought the black pair not because I want to look like a Ninja, nor did I buy them because I like the idea of wearing chopped-off gorillas feet over my own – but in the hope that they were a bit less noticeable.  It seems to have worked.

Which brings me to something else I was looking forward to trying:  Driving.

If you’ve ever tried driving a car in socks or barefoot, you’ll know that it -ing hurts.  I knew I was taking this chance with the FiveFingers, but to balance that was the knowledge that proper racing car footwear features very thin soles for extra feel.  Luckily, it seems the Vibrams have far more in common with the latter, and there was no sign of any discomfort at all on a short journey.  In fact I was amazed at the feel through them!  They’ve got to be the ultimate shoes for a racing driver – and it would make the whole skill of ‘Heel-and-toe’ much more literal!  Do they make a fireproof version?  If not, they’re missing a market!

It’s a shame they don’t also make a motorcycle boot version, because they’d feel brilliant, too.  I suppose from a crash protection point of view the toes wouldn’t be a great idea, though, and the strain on your left toe from the gear shift could become extremely uncomfortable…

I only walked around the Lickey Woods rather than running, but that was enough to tell me a lot of what to expect.

As I suspected before, big stones HURT.  If you get one in the arch of your foot in the middle next to the ball of your foot you know about it, and it would be a crippler if you were slamming your feet down at a run.  They’re not as bad as I thought they would be, though.

Loose gravel is like getting a foot massage, grass just feels sublime, and mud like walking on a waterbed!

Certainly, the softer ground is better, but I’m sure I’ll soon learn to watch more carefully where I put my feet to avoid the painful bits, and I’m sure my feet will also adapt and harden to it.

The extra stability really comes through on uneven ground, and where trainers would have thrown my balance off, my feet were able to fluidly mould to the ground just the way our feet evolved to do.  If you ever want a practical demonstration of the principles of Ninjitsu – you won’t find a much better example of it than here.  I wonder if Masaaki Hatsumi wears these?  I wonder if he endorses their use in Ninjutsu practise?

Vibram say in their literature that you should only wear FiveFingers for an hour or two at a time until your body adjusts to them.  On this outing I found my calves were starting to ache quite a lot, so I’m assuming this is related?

I have a problem when I run in trainers where I get muscle pump on the front of my lower legs, meaning although the rest of my body is still willing, I can hardly lift my foot anymore to take a step.  I’m hoping the FiveFingers will help relieve this.

I plan on wearing them to the gym tomorrow, where I should find out…

Vibram FiveFingers – New Feet For My Feet!

Vibram FiveFingers – New Feet For My Feet!

I laughed when I first saw these freaky things!

I was looking for new trainers to inspire me back into some form of fitness training, and after the ‘posture-shaping’ trainers stumbled onto the Vibram FiveFingers website.

But as curiosity got the better of me, and as I read on, they started to make more and more sense.

Think about it:  Everybody loves the barefoot experience.  A few years back I even went barefoot in the snow, just to see what it was like.  Many times as a kid I’d take to the streets barefoot, only to be hobbled by a stray stone.

I mean, barefoot is natural, and we’ve evolved to have amazing feet which can deal with all kinds of terrain, boost our balance…. and then some idiot goes and designs shoes with a big flat sole that totally boxes our toes in and ruins all that evolution.  Even the Ninja recognised this and have a split so that your toes are split into two sections.

Go and wear mittens on your hands and see how your day goes without the use of your fingers.

Then factor in all the highly developed muscles and tendons which are made redundant by ‘normal’ shoes, and ask yourself what REALLY makes sense?

A few years back, Mister Smalls (a fellow MySpace blogger) bought a pair for himself, and that was really the final straw for me – I neeeeeded some!

Today I (finally) opened the box to find what looks like the unfortunate remains of a gorilla.

‘Slipping’ them on doesn’t really happen – it’s more a case of making sure all your toes go in their separate spaces (a toe-spreader would help here!) but then a very effective and simple tug on the velcro fastener adjusts the fit around the heel and over the bridge of your foot.

I’d heard that the FiveFingers seem very big, so getting them fitted properly is by far the best plan, although there are fitting videos available online to watch before you buy.  Unfortunately, of the few rare places with these on their shelves, nobody had anywhere near my size (UK 9/EU 43’s are like gold dust!) so I just had to buy and hope they fitted when they arrive.

They still seem a bit long in the toes, but then unless your toes are the exact length the shoes are moulded for there will always be a few too loose or tight.  And with full toe movement and socks, these seem just about right for me.  Oh, and having sat here wearing them indoors for a few hours, those socks may be a good investment – after my toes being snuggled next to each other in a big clump all my life, now they’re separated they are COLD!

Unsurprisingly, considering your feet have evolved to shape and re-form for maximum adhesion, they seem to have awesome levels of grip over trainers simply from the extra movement keeping a bigger contact patch with the ground.

The soles are sturdy but do seem thin.  Small chunks of gravel should be no problem – a big sharp rock at the peak of the Malvern Hills could hurt.  I’ll just have to test them, and even if it does hurt I’m sure it’s possible to get used to it once your feet harden up.  I never wear slippers and am barefoot or just in socks whenever possible, so I’m hoping I fare better than most people with this…

Because of the grip and extra movement, they seem excellent for martial arts!  It really is a lot like wearing nothing, and that especially comes over when performing kicks.

I’m looking forward to seeing what driving is like in these – I will update this after that experience, and also my next time at the gym…

First Knee-Down Of 2011

First Knee-Down Of 2011

I can’t even remember if this is earlier or later than usual, but today was the first day of the year that I heard that distinctive scrape of plastic kneeslider on tarmac!

It’s still only around 8 degree Celsius here, and the roads are colder than a polar bears winkie – but the sun had been shining all day and so it was on with the Buffy neck warmer and away.

I’m still playing with mounting options for the Veho HDd10.  Sound is a major issue, because not only is it picking up far too much wind noise and high end sound, but it seems to pick up vibrations through the casing itself when taped to anything vaguely vibratey.  Yes, that is a word.  Today I used one of the Veho clip mounts, and taped this to my brake reservoir, rather than putting any tape on the actual camera directly.  Sound seems a lot better, but the very loose mounting point meant the camera was a bit wobbly.

It’s looking like a custom mount will be the way to go – possibly similar to the one I made for the micro cams, where you just slot the camera into some foam.

The bikers all over the UK seem to have woken up today, so I’m sure I’m not the first to scrape my knee today!

I was still worried about cold tyres and the mud still on the sides of mine, but I know the Pirelli Angel ST tyres have excellent grip from cold, so it’s more in my head after getting used to looking out for ice patches all Winter.  Just because the sun’s out doesn’t mean the road conditions are good and grippy…

My riding felt a bit off.  Speeds I’d normally think nothing of were feeling fast to me today – most likely thanks to driving a slow-assed car around so I’m more used to that than bikes now.  Consequently I was taking it relatively easy, because I just didn’t feel very comfortable when cornering.

Despite this, on a few roundabouts I put the feelers out and cranked the old ZX9R over enough to scrape the footpegs, and if you can scrape the pegs you can scrape your knees!

I followed someone on a grey BMW GS with hard paniers for a while before overtaking nice and safely when the opportunity arose.  He turned off on a roundabout, and so I was a bit surprised to see him in my mirrors again shortly afterwards.

Coincidence?  Maybe… but he then followed me everywhere I went.  This is a red flag because the Police do like these bikes, and it’s easy to conceal cameras and blue lights in those hard paniers.

As I’ve said, today I was riding sensibly, so this was even more strange… unless maybe he saw my camera as he turned off?  He certainly had a few opportunities when he followed me to get a good view of it, so perhaps he was watching to see me do something stupid for the camera.

I didn’t.

I rode nicely, pretending I hadn’t seen him, and headed towards a favourite place to see if I could get my knee down without much effort.

He followed me all the way, so I turned off early onto some more fast flowing curves.

Most people are surprised at how well a big BMW GS can move compared to a sportsbike, but when it comes to smooth, fast curves NOTHING beats a sportsbike.  It’s the reason for their whole existence.

Even at legal speeds I pulled out a gap, and then as a switchback curve obscured his view of me I tightened my line around a left-hander, shifting my weight over to the left as I gripped between the footpeg and the side of the petrol tank with my right leg.

Reaching out a little with my left knee was all it took for the slider to touch down.

Ahh, that beautiful, addictive sound!

And literally in front of the police?  Could be…