EROTIC STORY: “Missionary”

EROTIC STORY: “Missionary”

She clasped her hand around him and kissed his lips as he gasped.

He walked her backwards towards the bed as her other hand slid his already open shirt from his shoulders, and gave his jeans that extra shove to drop down to his ankles.

Stepping out of them, he playfully nipped her tongue, lifting her own top over her head, groaning again as her hand wrapped around him again.

He gave a slight push towards the bed, but she resisted, her mouth curling into a playful smile.

Sidestepping sleekly, he pushed his hip against hers, lifting her feet off the floor and throwing her down onto the soft mattress, her amused shriek bouncing off the walls as he quickly straddled her and pinned her arms above her head.

He growled and bit her throat like a werewolf attacking her, and she giggled and writhed beneath him.

Smiling, they kissed again, eyes closed as long moments passed.  Without breaking his lips away, he moved so his legs lay between hers, and she kept her eyes closed tightly to revel in the sensation as his length rested against the wet warmth of her entrance.

He supported most of his weight on one arm, releasing her hands so she was free to wrap her own arms around his back, and he moved his palm over the curve of her hip, and over her buttock.

she squirmed her hips at his touch, feeling her clit rub against the underside of his penis.

He eased his hips forwards, sliding easily and spreading her wetness up her, increasing the pleasure for them both with a long slow motion, before drawing his hips back again so his tip was resting at her just inside her lips.

She dug her nails into his ass, pulling him harder against her as he slowly, torturously repeated the motion several more times.

His supporting arm began to shake – more with the anticipation and pleasure than the effort, and he shifted his weight onto both his elbows, tightly wrapping her in his arms by slightly lifting her back from the bed.

He slid his tip effortlessly inside her, holding it there, throbbing inside her as he kissed her neck – small, fast kisses that made him twitch inside her.

She tried to move her hips and draw him inside her, but he still had her body pinned by his weight, and she clenched tightly around him, loving the feel of him inside her, wanting him deeper, but enjoying his teasing too much.

He eased into her a tiny fraction more, going slowly so he could feel her warmth enveloping him, then pulling back almost all the way out, feeling himself shudder.  She cried out wordlessly as he slid back in, even more slowly this time, but not stopping, sinking as deep inside her as he could, filling her all.

This time holding deep inside her, he ground his hips against hers, rubbing her clit, her hips grinding back up against his rhythmically.

He pulled back slightly, then moved forwards, sliding back and forth whilst always staying deeply with her, moving his hips against hers in semi-circular motions, twisting with each other.

He let out a shuddering sigh as he pulled back, almost out of her, intending to tease her more by stopping, but now getting lost in the moment, she drew him back in, their hands pulling at each other, breath hot against each others cheeks.

They bucked faster against each other, no games left now – just wanting each other, wanting their own pleasure, and knowing that would come from that of the other.

She felt him expand inside her and knew he was about to cum before hearing him cry out, and her nails raked down the skin of his strong back, her legs gripping him, wanting him even closer now, as she fell over the edge herself.

The world was lost to them, and an eternity could have passed before she opened her eyes, his hand was stroking her face as he gazed at her.

His smile and the darkness of his usually bright blue eyes told her all she knew, and all she wanted to know – he was all hers.

And she was forever his…

A Deluge Of Smut

A Deluge Of Smut

Some of you will be aware of a few ‘erotic’ short stories I wrote a few years ago.

I actually wrote quite a few more of these than you will find on this blog… They were originally on MySpace, and posted each and every week for a day we themed ‘Sex Blog Thursday’.

Everyone else was writing the usual ‘erotic’ crap involving leather masks, spanking, whips, and anal sex with a dead yak.

I got noticed (my rise to MySpace fame!!!) through the masses because I was writing stories about real (vanilla?!) sex – without this kinky crap that seems essential to every other damned ‘erotic’ writer!  And, I guess, being a male doing this stuff was a bit different, too.

The truth is, I knocked one out (the STORIES, you perves!) in under 30 mins in most cases, without any editing or even reading them back.  It worked, loads of you people out there loved them, and life was rosier than a tinted condom.

Looking back at them now is Cringe City.

I’m actually a bit scared to repost them, despite lots of requests, because, well… I was anonymous on MySpace, and my Mom can see this blog linked to me on Facebook now.  And work people.  And real live people who may or may not have featured in some stories.  Umm… yes…

So, in the true spirit of ‘fuck it’, I’m going not look too closely at them, paste them as they are from the old archives, and post most of them again.

I think.

So, err, apologies in advance if you know me in real life, and normal service will resume once the deluge of smut has spooted all over my blog like a pot-bellied Asian guy in glasses at a Bukakke festival.


E-cig Rant

E-cig Rant

I’m one of those irritating people who only ever smokes when they drink in the pub.

Not every time – but often I’ll get a few beers in me and have a smoke.  I like it.

I don’t, however, like the smell on my hands and clothes, the smoke-in-your-eye moments, the damned PRICE of a pack of Marlboro these days (Over £8 for 20!!!!), and the fact that smoking makes you die of impotence/cancer/horrible-looking picture things.

It kind-of makes sense for me to have a look at the whole E-cigarette stuff that’s going on.

So it gives you all the nicotine that gives you hit, with none of the nasty smoke, chemicals, or having to go outside to smoke.

I decided, along with my fiancée, that we’d grab one of the £6 ones from the local chemist.  Extra strong.  Disposable after around 400 fag puffs (tee-hee!).


I took my first drag (making the end light up orange for some reason? I mean, I’m not five bloody years old so don’t really need this?!?) and proceeded to cough my lungs up worse than with a ‘normal’ cigarette!

Being a bit surprised by this, I had a few more drags on it, figuring the hoofing great nicotine rush must be on its way…

It wasn’t.

I puffed away intermittently through the night as I downed a few pints, even resorted to hand-bongs to get some effect, and only ever managed to make myself cough.

Maybe the ‘extra strong’ ones from the chemist are to help people quit smoking (I haven’t started, yet, so don’t want this!), and are stupidly weak?  I’ve been advised to buy these expensive kits with loads of geeky stuff like batteries, atomisers, coils and flavoured poncy, err… flavours – but I’m trying to do this to save me money!  Surely all this geekiness is a bit unnecessary for someone who smokes around 4 cigarettes a month?!

We did find my fiancée sat there smoking it when she wouldn’t normally have been smoking a cigarette, so that idea kind-of fails heavily, there!

There is a lot of talk about them being allowed in the workplace.  I say this is absolutely fine – along with mainlining crack and snorting heroin through your testicles.  I mean, you’re basically gobbing downa  load of drugs at work when you smoke, so why not let us all skag up a bit, too, right?

Or it would be fair… if the damned things actually gave you any kind of rush.