Free & easy way to claim back your PPI

Free & easy way to claim back your PPI

Here’s another useful one for you – or you Brits, at least. All you ‘Merkins and other wild and wonderful nationalities will have to sit this one out.

If you haven’t been hassled yet by people claiming they can get you thousands in PPI (Payment Protection Insurance), then you’re probably an illegal immigrant and I’ve reported you.

The deal is, for years banks, credit cards, and loans were charging loads of people for insurance they couldn’t even use.  You probably never even knew you were paying it.

These companies hassling you will take your details and then do everything for you, and then present you with some money at the end of it.

Except they’ll be taking their big dirty great cut out of it (and there is no limit, so this can be 20% to literally whatever they want to take).  

That’s not too bad if you really can’t be arsed to claim yourself – but all they do is send a letter/email to the companies you had a product with and ask for any money owed.

BUT – and that’s a big but and you love them – you can just send the -ing letters yourself and get ALL of the money back!

Even better than that, but the excellent posted a link to the Resolver website that will cut out all the hard work, meaning you can claim in just a few minutes, with minimal information.

The Resolver quick claim tool will ask you a few short questions about who you are (name, address etc) and who the loan/card etc was with, and then create a template, email it to the companies, and then the companies will contact you directly.

With some of mine, I was as vague as knowing a rough year that I had a credit card from a company, and that was still enough, as the bank will then check their records to find your account number etc.

All the banks I sent templates to through this service replied directly within a few days, and the claims were all sorted out within a week or two and a letter sent out to me. I didn’t expect to get anything back at all, but had a text this morning saying I was getting £200 – and by the time I’d logged into my banking account the money was already there!

Seriously that easy.

So if you haven’t succummed to these blood-suckers yet, or even if you’re not sure if you’re even owed anything, take 2 mins of your time and do it this way.

Feel free to send me 5% of what you get back.