EROTIC STORY: “The First Hurdle”

EROTIC STORY: “The First Hurdle”

He’d been trying to decide how long to wait.  And how long he should make her wait.

After a few dates, this was his first time in her house.  She’d cooked, they’d eaten, and now already the second film of the night was playing.

And of course there was the vodka.

Deciding to have a play and see what the reaction was, he idly traced his fingertip across the length of her shoulders as they sat together on the couch.

Her submissive purr told him all he needed to know, and as he ran his fingers up her neck and into her hair, her head lolled against his hand and her shiver of pleasure was plain.

He smiled in the dimmed light, lightly moving his other hand into action on her thigh.

She turned to him, no smile on her lips – just hunger in her eyes, and there wasn’t even an instant in which to consider having their first real kiss.  It was gentle but needful, embracing each other strongly as they twisted to get more of their bodies to touch.

The kiss broke and his fingers still massaged the back of her head, and between her moans her hot lips were against the side of his neck, then back on his lips again.

As she found how hard he already was, he moved his own hands over her corseted top, feeling her soft, firm breasts through the material and needing to feel more.

He pulled her body close to his, reaching around her back to the corseting.  Biting her neck softly, he pulled at the ties.

“Not like that…” she panted, pulling back and showing him the hooked fasteners at the sides.

He smiled again, somewhat disappointed to have the new challenge of undoing a corset denied, kissing her as he popped open the fasteners the easy way.

He was kissing down her collarbone even as she discarded the top, his warm hands cupping her as he kissed her breasts slowly and softly.

She moved to kneel on the coach facing him, pulling off his top as if in trade, and she didn’t stop him as he unbuttoned her jeans and slipped a hand inside.

She lifted his face to kiss him again as his fingers slid over her wetness, and he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  Slickened by her own wetness, her whole body sagged as he slowly ran a finger over her clit for the first time, and time disappeared for both of them, her gasp as her tightness clamped down around his fingers bringing out a moan of pleasure from him.

Somehow he was naked as she pushed him back into the seat, straddling him as she steadily worked her had rhythmically up his length, before guiding his tip inside her.

He bit her lower lip as she eased down slowly, a cry escaping them both as she slowly inched over him.

She felt so tight he wondered briefly if this would work, but their slickness made sure there was anything but pain as she took his whole length inside her, nails clawing at his shoulders.

They kissed hard, both gasping as she drew herself up his length, eager to resume the kiss, but unable to ignore their ecstasy.

She rode him like that for a long time, changing pace and matching each other easily – both in tune with each other as if they’d done this a thousand times.

He swirled his tongue over her hard nipples, her whole body shaking now as she moved on him steadily.

“I’m gonna cum…” she breathed against his ear, and he came the moment her hands scrabbled at his back, both lost to each other as they gripped each other as if to stop from floating off.

She kept him inside her, and they both calmed their breathing, kissing more tenderly now.

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to?”  She said, much to his amusement.

A thunderstorm had started outside, and only now did they notice as the roar shook the window panes.

The first hurdle was passed, and they held each other, both knowing they’d made the right choice with each other at last.

And now they could really begin…

Donington Park GP First Ever Track Day

Donington Park GP First Ever Track Day

I got to the circuit, very nearly coming a cropper on the long gravel driveway near the entrance, and as I knew nobody else there, decided I’d better hope Lady Snoots Bike Hire had a van there with big letters on!

When I saw their van pull in a few minutes after I arrived, I headed over and introduced myself.

Next I walked down to sign my life away, for which I got a free bacon butty and a cup of coffee!  I sold my soul for less, so found it a good deal!

A lot of waiting around followed, chatting to a few other people, getting coloured wrist bands to show which of the three groups we were in etc.  At the riders briefing I smacked a wasp backwards off my head before realising there were people stood behind me.  I kept my eyes forwards as angry leathery shuffling sounds happened behind me.  Oopsie!

The track day was being run by No Limits.  Each of the three groups were scheduled to go out for twenty minutes every hour, providing there were no major incidents.  As a Novice, my group was the last of the three to go out.

I looked very carefully over the Kawasaki ZXR636 B1H track bike.  I have NEVER ridden a 600 sportsbike before, so didn’t have much of a clue what to expect!  I also thought about riding my own bike for a session, mainly to get some photographs of it – I decided against it, as the track bike had super-sticky tyres, upgraded brakes, tuned suspension, race rearsets and tyre warmers… it just wouldn’t be worth the risk of droping my bike!

They called our group and the Father and Son team of Lady Snoots took the tyre warmers off my bike while I stretched out a bit, regulated my breathing, and tried to both clear my mind and focus at the same time.

I threw a leg over the bike (taller than I expected) and joined the other forty or so riders at the end of the pit lane holding area.  Oooh shit!

The first three laps were to be ‘sighting laps’ – following the instructors in single file and getting an idea of the track layout and the ideal racing line.

Having played the video game over the weekend, the track was pretty true to it in real life.  What a game can’t prepare you for is the breathtaking drop downhill through the Craner Curves, then the climb back up after Old Hairpin!  What a rush coming over the crest and looking down over that!

There was another blind crest on the entrance to Coppice which was a bit nasty, but nowhere near as bad as I’d been expecting.  Then the long back straight with a couple of huge humps which I soon found brought the front wheel skyward when you were hard on the power!  The tight Esses chicane I never got right all day because I was either severely bulked by slower riders, or was too slow on the exit.  This was actually the hardest corner.

A quick blast down to the Melbourne hairpin was again over a blind crest that I thought would take serious balls to power over before the braking zone… then it was around Goddards sweeping back onto the start straight.

After a few laps I was getting the feel of the bike and also realising I wasn’t going to be the slowest, and then they let us loose…

We’d been told to keep it all in perspective.  The main problem with the Novice group is that the others will be taking lots of weird and wonderful lines, and braking in unexpected places.  We were told to give each other plenty of room and not go diving past people with inches to spare.  For the most part I followed people, and was off the power soooo early before the corners it was ridiculous.  But safe.

In this first session I found I could take a wide line into Goddards and cut back to the inside and beat most people down the start straight even on bigger bikes.

Two things from the game, too: I’d found taking a tighter line and staying on the power down to Old Hairpin I could nip through.  This worked for me all through the day!  Even better was that everyone else seemed to be braking for Starkeys, whilst I copied what I did on the game – full power and knee-down all the way up the hill!  Without playing the game I’m sure I’d have just copied everyone else!

I think it was my first or second time out that I started scraping my knee around Goddards!  Now I was racing!

My confidence grew with each session.  There were always a few who came past like I was stood still, but a lot of that was because I wasn’t willing to risk much overtaking.  I stayed glued to a few of the faster people, though.

There were a few crashes but mainly in the other groups.  We had a few waved yellows and I think two red flags where we had to come back to the pit lane while they recovered bikes.  Then, near the end of one session, banked right over going around Melbourne, I got a major misfire that tried to spit me off as the bike bucked about.  I raised my hand and headed straight to the pits, where Lady Snoots got the spare bike straight out for the next session.  I’m pleased to say it felt exactly the same, so I didn’t have to learn it all again!

The other bloke hiring their GSXR wasn’t so lucky, binning his in the gravel and getting told his day was over…

So over the 7 sessions I started braking later into the corners, scraping my knees everywhere, and was very far from the slowest!  I was definitely happy with my performance, although there’s still a lot of room for improvement!

A great day and trouble free thanks to Lady Snoots!  The only real ‘moment’ I had was braking hard for Melbourne and Goddards and getting it all sideways with the rear chattering away!

It was a bit lonely for me on my own, and I wish all my mates weren’t pussies, but it was still good!  I probably shouldn’t say, but it seemed like everyone there who I got chatting to had a crash and disappeared home early….

So a life-long dream has been realised and I did it well!

The photographs from the day should be available for viewing from Thursday morning, so I’ll be buying lots and putting a load up on here!  Hopefully they’ve got some good shots of me!

If you’ve never done it, you NEED to!  One more thing about how it compared to a video game – doing it for real was EASIER!

It won’t be the last time I do it…

From Video Games To The Track…

From Video Games To The Track…

So I booked the track day on the Donington Park GP circuit!

First ever time on track, all on my lonesome, and I also decided to hire a bike I’d never even sat on before to do it on!  My thoughts turned to trying to make things easier for me…

I’ve heard many time of top racing drivers/riders who have learned tracks from video games before they got there.  If it was good enough for Rossi, then it’d be good enough for me!

I looked around to find the latest with Donington GP on was ‘SBK 09’ on the Xbox 360.  I’d played Donington lots of times before on older games, so knew it roughly, and of course I’ve spectated there loads of times.  The game was late ariving, so I rented a copy and got stuck in over the weekend…

Good job, too!  There were a couple of corners on the older games that were nothing at all like the ones on SBK!  Mainly because they were a shitload sharper!

I posted on a few forums asking how much it was possible to learn from a game and got very mixed answers.  I figured at worst I’d get to know if the next corner was going to go left or right.  Or I’d find a 1st gear chicane in the middle of what I thought was a 6th gear straight!

I played quite a bit over the weekend, and to be honest it was a bit scary because even trying to play it as if I was going to get hurt I still went off the track and awful lot of times.  Ah.

What was I doing a track day for?  Had I made a mistake?

I also planned to ride my bike to the circuit and back, so if I killed the hire bike there was a good chance I wouldn’t be able to get my bike home on my crippled-ass broken legs and sticky-out-boned arms.

I have a problem with Red Mist, and whatever I try and tell myself, if someone overtakes me quickly I WILL give chase and see if I can beat them!

How would it work out?



This morning I headed off to Donington Park at 06:15am to do something I’ve wanted to all my life, and now feared more than a little, and maybe was even beginning to regret booking…

First Drive On The Snow

First Drive On The Snow

Having ridden bikes in the snow for the last ten years, and not having had any reason to take the car out in recent snows, I decided to make one up!

So, in order to do lots of ‘essential’ Christmas food/booze shopping, and with more heavy snow forecast overnight, I got to see what all the fuss and panic was about.

My garage is on a steep hill up a dirt track.  I figured I could probably get down the hill, but doubted I’d ever get back up.  So I dug out the garage door and went for it.

I was suprised by how much resistence deep snow offered to a car.  Reversing down the hill, where I expected it to roll back through it, I found I had to give it a bit of gas.  Other than that it was stable and did nothing silly.  I turned around at the bottom, engaged first gear, took a deep breath, and turned out onto the road…

And drove.  Nothing else happened.

I drove slower than normal, but to be honest didn’t really have to.  I did put into practice the theory of downshifting and using careful engine braking rather than touching the brakes wherever possible, and there were no dramas.  I was able to pull away with no wheelspin, and turn through corners without falling into hedges or running any kittens over.  Unlike everyone else, I kept a good gap to the car in front (notice to the ihabitatnts of the seal farm that is Bromsgrove: this does NOT mean 6″ away).

So I decided to provoke it.

From second gear I floored it and was chuffed to hear it spin up like a good ‘un!

You have to bear in mind I can’t condone this, but at the same time understand that the last time I drove it was to a skid control course.  I knew what to expect, and the little Fiat seems to have very predictable understeer, but with nice balance to it.

Locking the brakes made it slide straight on with slight squiggles if provoked further.  And it seemed to drift ok, too!

It’s quite amazing what you can do in a car and stay in control.  That much lack of traction on a bike would equal lots of airtime, groundtime and abulancetime.  I wasn’t anywhere near pushing it, and don’t intend to on the roads.

In short, it was exactly what I needed, and allowed me to safely explore the limits of the car at slow speeds and on some empty roads.

Oh, and my 1 litre snorting Italian beast on its skinny tyres also seemed to be one of the fastest accelerating cars on the roads for once!

The fun ended when I found there was no way in Hell the Fiat was going back up that hill to the garage, though… Ah well!

Snow driving is snow- oops I mean IS NO trouble at all – providing you just leave yourself a load of space to do it safely!  Look and plan well ahead, and it’s a lot of fun!

Keep it safe out there you kids – and if you haven’t already GET SOME BLOODY ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING!  It will give you the confidence to laugh at all the other muppets out there!

There’s also a video of some in-car action and ranting.

Behind The Wheel Of A Red, Snorting Italian Beast

Behind The Wheel Of A Red, Snorting Italian Beast

As it’s a few weeks before my test, and the car could come in useful for the house-moving antics before that, I decided to bite the bullet and pay out to get my car taxed and insured.

Long story short on this, but invaluable info: I used ALL the online comparison sites and was getting the odd price for 3rd Part on a Provisional driving license that came in at under £1000.  Erk.  A lot of hard work later my lowest quote was just under £700.

As a last-ditch attempt, I rang up the local insurance brokers based in my village, because they did great things with my business insurance.  They didn’t let me down – advising that if I added a random ‘second driver’ to my policy (I thought about Michael Schumacher but settled on my Mum) then the price drops.  To £470 for fully comprehensive insurance in this case!  It would have been cheaper after I’d passed my test, but I wanted some driving hours before the test…

That’s the boring stuff that might help someone, now for my first drive of MY car, and the first drive without dual controls!

My Ex-Step Dad seemed vaguely keen on taking me out in the car, and because he’s worked on it for years I thought it was a good idea incase he hears/feels anything wrong with the car.

He surprised me by saying he actually failed his first test.  Now considering he’s a National racing champion, and rebuilt his first engine when he was about 8 years old, that says it all about the true value of the UK driving test!  Any spastic can pass as long as they drive to pass the test, rather than learn to drive.

So I sat in the little Fiat.  Everything looked a bit rickety and bare compared to the modern Fiesta I’ve been learning in.

The gearbox gate felt scarily close together, so I was already looking forward to changing down when I was trying to change up a gear!  And no rev counter?!?!  WTF?!?

The good news is there’s a CD/radio player in there and a sun roof!

I started off by getting the feel of things and was very surprised by how easily it pulled away.  Especially as the handbrake was still on.  Err… OK, so it’s not the best of handbrakes, in that it doesn’t actually stop the car rolling or moving in any realistic way at all.  Apparently this is something I need to ‘get used to’.

I’d been really worried about the lack of power steering, but probably because the Fiat is so light, it was barely even noticeable!  If anything, it was better because there was much more ‘feel’.

All in all, I was expecting the old crappy car to fight me all the way, but amazingly I found it extremely easy to drive.

Neither of us died or caught fire, either, so that’s a Good Thing.

I think he’s even willing to come out with me again!

I be on tha roads fo’ realz, yo!