The Rush

The Rush

Anyone who knows me will say that I’m a pretty laid-back person.  Some would say I’m so laid-back you can actually see the soles of my shoes as I’m walking.

In direct contrast to this, my interests (and some of my jobs!) have always involved extreme levels of intensity.

For the most part, I get involved in an activity and it totally consumes me.  I don’t mind not being the best at what I do – but I will put every part of my soul into finding out just how well I can do something!  Then, I’ll move onto the next thing…

Even from when I was an early teen, I found that I got a very intense rush from writing poems and stories.  The experience was almost like being sick – scribbling out the words all at once and then sitting back feeling relief.  Calm.

The band came next.  Playing the bass or taking on vocal duties for a band is pretty extreme – but the buzz you get from stepping onto a stage in front of people can completely overwhelm some people.  I found I thrived on it!

And not just folk music, of course – my choice was thrash, death metal, grindcore – anything fast and loud!

I never had a massive interest in sports at school until I got to do things my way.

None of the pansy-assed school soccer or rugby – I got out there and joined a full kit US Football team, and let my psychosis carry me through!

People say US Football is all stop-starty – but I bet they’ve never played it.  In the time the ball isn’t actually moving, before that whistle blows, the anticipation is immense.

You’re about to smash your way through people who will try to seriously injure you – and everyone is wearing bloody armour so they can hit each other even harder!  If you think THAT is ‘a bit boring’ then you’re a -ing idiot!

Next came the clubbing days.  Not seals – the music type.  Hard as bastardy techno and trance… Dancing like a loon through the night to it…

Each thing seeemd to be getting more extreme – more intense.

Then I bought a motorbike – not for a rush, but just to get me to work.

If only I would have known years before… I still say my bike is the best thing I’ve ever bought in my life.

I guess looking back it’s no surprise I’d get into sportsbikes, where I can experience 1000hp per tonne blasting me to 60mph in under 3 seconds, and stupid lean angles as I scrape my knees on the tarmac at over 100mph!

Not many would have pegged me for getting a cruiser motorcycle and plodding around on it just for the image!  Give me the foetal position at 190mph any day!

Most of these previous things apart from bikes have fallen by the wayside now.  I do still demonstrate martial arts in almost every aspect of my life (and a lot of those activities above!), but I think even that peaked a few years back when I was sparring with friends for hours every single night preparing for a no holds barred tournament.  Now I still learn new techniques, but hardly do any proper training – so you can bet I’m weak and slow compared to how I was.

The bike thing is still going strong, and earlier this week I had this arrive on my doorstep:

MSA ARDS National B Racing License

That’s my car racing license!

For the last few months I’ve been totally immersing myself in the Skip Barber race manual learning ungodly amounts of stuff about race car physics and techniques, so the intensity for driving racing cars has already hit me.

Just wait until I slide myself into that single seater for the first time, and we’ll see what kind of rush I get from this one.

The way I see it – if you’re not constantly chasing that rush, you’re doing it wrong!


Legal Drugs! Get Some Ivory Wave!!!

Legal Drugs!  Get Some Ivory Wave!!!
I caught some of the breakfast news on GMTV this morning and it was this ‘news’ story:

GMTV on Ivory Wave and Legal Highs – (link is now dead, but it was all about the horrors of this killer legal drug)

*gets his knees a-jerking*

Right.  First off I’d never heard of ‘Ivory Wave’ before this. Now I know it’s obviously good stuff, and they even show you how you can Google it to buy some!  Yay them!
This Evil substance apparently killed a 24 year old man by making him jump off a cliff into the sea.  OK… Does anyone else think it mayyyyyy just not have been ‘Ivory Wave’ that was the ACTUAL cause of death here?
To get the press up in arms again, they’re billing this as the most lethal drug since Mephedrone was banned.  Err… so they mean the Mephedrone that everyone went all Frothy-Mouthed Gaa-Gaa over, got banned, and it now turns out that despite millions of reported users, there is only possibly ONE person who died because of the drug?  And I believe even that person had taken a cocktail of other drugs at the same time as the Mephedrone…

Umm… I bet more people have died after an allergic reaction to a cup of tea in the last year.  Nasty stuff that PG Tips is!

Ironically, I’d never heard of Mephedrone before the press started baying about it, either.  I got straight on t’internet and bought some after seeing a local news reporter take some on TV to show it’s ‘horrific’ effects – which seemed pretty damned good to me!

I didn’t die.  I didn’t get addicted.  I didn’t turn into a criminal.  It didn’t turn me into a raving psychotic.  OK, so I may have been a raving psychotic BEFORE, but meh…
I should also say that sex on Mephedrone was rather bloody enjoyable, too!
Next, they go on to claim that these new ‘legal highs’ are actually a cocktail of illegal drugs!  I think not!  Can you imagine someone buying Billy’s Brainflutter (and that’s a made up name and I hold the copyright now) INSTEAD of a good straight bag of cocaine???  It would NEVER happen!

Besides, if they did contain any traces of an illegal drug, then they WOULDN’T BE FUCKING ‘LEGAL’, WOULD THEY?!?

Alcohol, tobacco and coffee are clearly more deadly in all areas, and kill more people PER DAY than Ivory Wave has EVER killed.  And yet here we go again with the media jumping on the bandwagon to get it banned just like Mephedrone.

And what do they think will happen to the people who wanted to take these ‘legal highs’ when they ban them?

I’ll tell you what – they’ll go out and buy the equivalent illegal drug.  The same illegal drug which is completely unregulated, with no comeback on suppliers, which doesn’t pay any tax, which funds criminals, and which almost certainly WILL be mixed with other illegal drugs at best and bleach or some other deadly product at worst.

Plus for their quick dose they run the risk of getting a criminal record and ruining their lives.  On some recreational subject proven to be safer than alcohol and tobacco?!

It’s madness!

Get a fucking grip and stop buying into this knee-jerk bullshit that the press and Governments force-feed you, and have a go at thinking for yourself and making your own choices!


It’s come to my attention that it might not come across as well as intended that this blog is dripping with SARCASM!  I DO NOT advise anyone to go out and buy Ivory Wave or any other drug – I’m not going to.

Having said that, I want to have the CHOICE to, after I’ve researched it and if I decide it’s anything I’d be interested in.  And if, as it appears, it’s safer than the can of cider I’m drinking as I type this, then why the Hell should I not be allowed to make that choice?