Mounting Veho Muvi Cams

Mounting Veho Muvi Cams

Everyone has to agree that these cams are great.  Whether you use an £8 MD80 or £60 Veho Muvi Pro, the fact is that only 5 years ago this sort of kit would cost well over £200.

The main problem people come up against, and one of the most common questions I’m asked, is where is it best to mount it on a bike?

I like the cheap and easy option.  Duct tape, a bit of foam, and you can pretty much mount this anywhere just using the tape and foam itself to get the right view angle.

I’ve mounted cams on track bikes in minutes this way.  If you have a heavily tinted screen it cuts your options right down, but otherwise most bikes will be able to take the cam on the rear of its dash.  This can be a bit fiddly, buit obviously you get protection from the elements and especially wind noise.

Incidentally, some cams need a bit of tape over the microphone hole to filter out most of the wind noise whilst keeping the bass sound of the engine.  Have a play around.

On some bikes (like my ZX9R C model), you can tape the camera to the front of the brake fluid reservoir and get good results.  This was my chosen place.

I even fashioned a custom mount to cut down on vibration and be easy and quick to remove and install:

If you’ve got good duct tape you can mount it pretty much anywhere, facing in any direction.

For my Veho HD10+ I tried the duct tape method but it wasn’t that great because of the cameras extra size.

I decided to have a play around with the ‘official’ mountings supplied with it.  The smaller cams and MD80 has similar mounts and so this may also work fine for them.

I found the tank mount had far too much vibration to make it useable.

The mounting I use now is actually kind-of a mistake, where I wanted to try one of the sticky pads on my top yoke, but found it doesn’t quite fit on there and has to be at a slight angle.  And on full lock the screen brace touches the camera…

Luckily it works really well.  This is good, because that glue on the sticky pad is immensely strong!  Make sure you’ve got it exactly where you want it.

You may also want to try (especially for the smaller cams) one mounted on your pillion footrest hanger, or even the number plate surround.

Or my trusty helmet camera using a length of duct tape behind the helmets cheek pad and just wrapping it around the camera and sticking it down outside the visor.

You can see loads of videos using all of these cameras and more on my YouTube channel:

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Do Women Wear Cock-Rings???

Do Women Wear Cock-Rings???

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VEHO VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+ Mini CamCorder – Initial Review

VEHO VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+ Mini CamCorder – Initial Review

I have a new cam!  I don’t know if it’s because it’s so new, but there is no information online about this yet that I can find?!

Anyway, Neru on my blog drew my attention to the fact that Veho have a new cam out – everyone seems to list the VCC-005-MUVI-HD7 but when I looked I could see a HD10 – with higher 1080 resolution – so I decided to pay the extra and get that one.

Most of you will have heard my high praises for the Veho Muvi Pro which I have used for around a year now.  There are some failings of this cam, but overall it’s better than the cheap MD80 copy, and for the price has never let me down.  Having used it there are features I’ve found I’ve needed, though, such as: ability to take an external mic (for narration whilst vlogging or overall better sound), GET RID OF THE -ING TIME/DATE STAMP, preview screen for alignment/playback, longer battery life, and higher resolution.

Well Veho have addressed some of these with a proper HD camera with (claimed) 4 hour (1400mah) battery life and a 1.5″ colour screen included!  In addition this had a remote control unit, digital 4x zoom, ability to take 32GB micro SD cards, 8MP still photographs (weirdly EVERY spec I’ve found says 5MP as per the HD7) and loads more!

I found one on Ebay for £129.99, and the temptation was too much.

First impression is that it comes as standard with loads of accessories – I’ve got 4x velcro straps, 2x stretchy straps, 2x flat mounting plates, 1 concave mounting plate, 1 velcro mounting plate, more sticky-backed velcro, and 3x different holder thingies!  More than what it says I should get, actually!


I was also a bit gutted to see it’s around four times bigger dimensionally than the Muvi – but I suppose that’s to be expected…  It just means crafting new mounting if I don’t get on with what’s supplied.

It looks well made.  I’m prodding it now and can’t tell if it’s case is metal or plastic because it’s coated in that grippy matt stuff.  I think it could be metal.  The touchscreen-type buttons on the rear are a bit too sensitive and easy to touch whilst it’s on.

This has full HD support with an HDMI out socket and AV out (untested) and the usual USB port for charging/data transfer.

An initial test run in the car showed it recorded for over 1 hour and the new battery level gauge was only exhausted by one third – so it seems reasonable to expect at least 3 hours.  This took over 3GB of memory from the 4GB card supplied, so a memory upgraded is highly recommended.  Recharge time (it also now tells you when the battery is fully charged by a flashing light which turns constant) seems to be an hour or less to replace the hour or so used.

It has sliders again for on/off and voice activation which is great to stop false in-pocket activation, and seems to wake up and record in around a second from the remote control.  Shutter speed for still pics is pretty slow but quality is good at 8MP.

Oh, and the other thing putting me off buying this camera is that it has a 160 degree lens, and so a bit fish-eyed!  This seems to be less intrusive than I thought, but until I get it on the bike I won’t know for sure.

Performance in the dark seems a bit poor.  Probably the same as the Muvi Pro, I think.  Very grainy even under flourescent lights, but daytime seems like the promised improvement.  Vibration whilst taped to my cars rear view mirror wasn’t a factor, and I have to say it appeared to pick up ambient sounds much better than the Muvi Pro.  Where the Muvi Pro barely picked up in-car conversation and virtually none of the engine noise, this HD10 picked up both.  It remains to be seen how it copes with the 12,500rpm roar and vibrations of a Kawasaki ZX9R superbike…

Specifications as given on

Resolution Full HD 1080p
Cmos lens 5 Mega pixel    (***Surely this is 8MP??***)
Memory included 4GB (Micro SD) Max 32GB
Frame rate 30fps
Battery 1400mah Lithion rechargable
Angle 160 degrees
Screen 1.5″ LCD – Bright colour
Record time up to 3 hours continous recording
Wireless remote range 5 metres
Weight 81g
Dimensions H 80mm x W 47mm x D 19mm