E-cig Rant

E-cig Rant

I’m one of those irritating people who only ever smokes when they drink in the pub.

Not every time – but often I’ll get a few beers in me and have a smoke.  I like it.

I don’t, however, like the smell on my hands and clothes, the smoke-in-your-eye moments, the damned PRICE of a pack of Marlboro these days (Over £8 for 20!!!!), and the fact that smoking makes you die of impotence/cancer/horrible-looking picture things.

It kind-of makes sense for me to have a look at the whole E-cigarette stuff that’s going on.

So it gives you all the nicotine that gives you hit, with none of the nasty smoke, chemicals, or having to go outside to smoke.

I decided, along with my fiancée, that we’d grab one of the £6 ones from the local chemist.  Extra strong.  Disposable after around 400 fag puffs (tee-hee!).


I took my first drag (making the end light up orange for some reason? I mean, I’m not five bloody years old so don’t really need this?!?) and proceeded to cough my lungs up worse than with a ‘normal’ cigarette!

Being a bit surprised by this, I had a few more drags on it, figuring the hoofing great nicotine rush must be on its way…

It wasn’t.

I puffed away intermittently through the night as I downed a few pints, even resorted to hand-bongs to get some effect, and only ever managed to make myself cough.

Maybe the ‘extra strong’ ones from the chemist are to help people quit smoking (I haven’t started, yet, so don’t want this!), and are stupidly weak?  I’ve been advised to buy these expensive kits with loads of geeky stuff like batteries, atomisers, coils and flavoured poncy, err… flavours – but I’m trying to do this to save me money!  Surely all this geekiness is a bit unnecessary for someone who smokes around 4 cigarettes a month?!

We did find my fiancée sat there smoking it when she wouldn’t normally have been smoking a cigarette, so that idea kind-of fails heavily, there!

There is a lot of talk about them being allowed in the workplace.  I say this is absolutely fine – along with mainlining crack and snorting heroin through your testicles.  I mean, you’re basically gobbing downa  load of drugs at work when you smoke, so why not let us all skag up a bit, too, right?

Or it would be fair… if the damned things actually gave you any kind of rush.

2 thoughts on “E-cig Rant

  1. im not affiliated with the company at all but my hubby really likes an e cig company called totally wicked. theyve got great customer service and he’s been using their stuff for nearly 6 months and been normal cig free. you can buy ready mised e liquid or make your own or whatever but he used to smoke a lot, i never have so its a welcome change. there’s a fair few places that still dont seem to allow people to smoke e cigs which to me is ridiculous, hopefully there’ll be a change in that mentality soon.

    • I haven’t seen those yet… I did try a Vype disposable – it felt like a normal sized cigarette, and gave a slightly better hit, but didn’t even last a night out! I think I’ll have to look at the refillable kits…

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