A Blog About Taking Pics For Cancer. For Cancer.

A Blog About Taking Pics For Cancer. For Cancer.

First there were hundreds of selfie pics appearing all over social networks.  Not the usual selfie featuring a toilet in the background – these were pics of women without any makeup on.

Interesting.  You don’t see it from most people very often.  Oh, and the ’cause’ is For Cancer.

That’s got to be good, right?

Then there was the inevitable male repost of them taking pics of themselves WITH makeup on.  For Cancer.

Fair enough.

Suddenly, in the true spirit of social media, people started posting pics of themselves naked, with a sock over their genitalia.  Cocks In Socks.  For Cancer.

Righty-ho, thinks I, still saying nothing, as it’s For Cancer.

This morning, I logged in to see a picture of a topless woman, with her ample breasts each tucked into a woolly glove to hide their modesty.  Tits in Mitts.  For Cancer.


Cancer awareness is a great cause.  I AM aware of cancer.   I don’t need to be reminded I could die of it by 50,000 posts on Facebook and Twitter!

“Ooh, look how fun and wacky we’ve made cancer!”

No.  What you’ve done is spread the kind of fear that most of you sheep subconsciously thrive upon.  Now all we’re seeing is “Yay, Cancer!!!” every time we log in.

Now here’s me making myself a cup of tea.  For Cancer.

He’s my cute little dog.  For Cancer.

You should all share this picture of a dwarf fisting a traffic warden!  For Cancer.

Yes, we could all get cancer.  I bet hardly any of you posting these self-indulgent pics are giving every spare penny you have to cancer charities, are you?

Now fuck off.  For Cancer.

8 thoughts on “A Blog About Taking Pics For Cancer. For Cancer.

  1. Yeah, everyone fuck off for cancer.

    I voice the same opinion of you, and everyone acts like I’m giving people cancer.

    Someone on Facebook Bikers (that old cherry) said they didn’t want to see it, and everyone was going crazy..

    Bullshit is there more sheep in Wales than ‘Sheep’

  2. Totally feel your pain! Yes the whole no makeup selfie was pretty good, as it raised over £2m. I was indeed one that posted a selfie as well as donating to pancreatic cancer in memory of my Dad…. The guys posting themselves in makeup was a fun way of taking part. Personally for me, when someone is diagnosed with cancer, it can rob you of so many things, in particular your dignity. For men and women to post makeup/makeup free selfies showed a unity, a support. Making a donation helped the cause.

    Then it went a step too far…. the cock in sock and tits in mitts, basically an excuse to make trashy posts in the name of cancer. I’m not sure its something the charities would want to be associated with. As for the latest ‘status’ game thats going around, I have one question…. WHY????

    A friend posts a status such as “Just won £7000 on a scratch card” and “I’ve just found out I’ve been cheated on for the past 5 months”….. so naturally you comment, but then you get sent a message asking you to choose from a list of status’ and post it without any explanation. How the hell does that raise awareness of breast cancer. I appreciate the no make up selfies had absolutely nothing to do with cancer awareness but they at least used a bit of savvy….

    Seems you can post any old shit these days and its perfectly ‘acceptable’ if you do it in the name of cancer

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