James Cater Racing – My Journey To Race Cars

James Cater Racing – My Journey To Race Cars

This is just a quickie for anyone interested in my four-wheel blogs.

You will already have seen that I’m following my childhood dream to become a racing driver – but with no actual budget!

I’ve posted a few blogs here about how I prepared for my National B Race License test, and I will document my warts-and-all journey to my first Formula Vee single seater race, and beyond, where I win the championship in my first race and get called to Formula 1 etc.

I’ll put some useful info for anyone regarding buying kit, driving techniques, and the ridiculously steep learning curve of it all.  It’ll be good!

To separate it from any potential sponsors (yeah right!!!) and keep everything together, I’ve created a new blog purely for my racing:


Please subscribe and follow, and feel free to ask me any questions you have – I’m blundering into this with no experience and appreciate any help or piss-taking to the same degree!

It’s still work in progress, but I’ll be adding all my relevant blogs and a few new ones shortly.


James Cater Racing


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