EROTIC STORY: “The First Hurdle”

EROTIC STORY: “The First Hurdle”

He’d been trying to decide how long to wait.  And how long he should make her wait.

After a few dates, this was his first time in her house.  She’d cooked, they’d eaten, and now already the second film of the night was playing.

And of course there was the vodka.

Deciding to have a play and see what the reaction was, he idly traced his fingertip across the length of her shoulders as they sat together on the couch.

Her submissive purr told him all he needed to know, and as he ran his fingers up her neck and into her hair, her head lolled against his hand and her shiver of pleasure was plain.

He smiled in the dimmed light, lightly moving his other hand into action on her thigh.

She turned to him, no smile on her lips – just hunger in her eyes, and there wasn’t even an instant in which to consider having their first real kiss.  It was gentle but needful, embracing each other strongly as they twisted to get more of their bodies to touch.

The kiss broke and his fingers still massaged the back of her head, and between her moans her hot lips were against the side of his neck, then back on his lips again.

As she found how hard he already was, he moved his own hands over her corseted top, feeling her soft, firm breasts through the material and needing to feel more.

He pulled her body close to his, reaching around her back to the corseting.  Biting her neck softly, he pulled at the ties.

“Not like that…” she panted, pulling back and showing him the hooked fasteners at the sides.

He smiled again, somewhat disappointed to have the new challenge of undoing a corset denied, kissing her as he popped open the fasteners the easy way.

He was kissing down her collarbone even as she discarded the top, his warm hands cupping her as he kissed her breasts slowly and softly.

She moved to kneel on the coach facing him, pulling off his top as if in trade, and she didn’t stop him as he unbuttoned her jeans and slipped a hand inside.

She lifted his face to kiss him again as his fingers slid over her wetness, and he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  Slickened by her own wetness, her whole body sagged as he slowly ran a finger over her clit for the first time, and time disappeared for both of them, her gasp as her tightness clamped down around his fingers bringing out a moan of pleasure from him.

Somehow he was naked as she pushed him back into the seat, straddling him as she steadily worked her had rhythmically up his length, before guiding his tip inside her.

He bit her lower lip as she eased down slowly, a cry escaping them both as she slowly inched over him.

She felt so tight he wondered briefly if this would work, but their slickness made sure there was anything but pain as she took his whole length inside her, nails clawing at his shoulders.

They kissed hard, both gasping as she drew herself up his length, eager to resume the kiss, but unable to ignore their ecstasy.

She rode him like that for a long time, changing pace and matching each other easily – both in tune with each other as if they’d done this a thousand times.

He swirled his tongue over her hard nipples, her whole body shaking now as she moved on him steadily.

“I’m gonna cum…” she breathed against his ear, and he came the moment her hands scrabbled at his back, both lost to each other as they gripped each other as if to stop from floating off.

She kept him inside her, and they both calmed their breathing, kissing more tenderly now.

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to?”  She said, much to his amusement.

A thunderstorm had started outside, and only now did they notice as the roar shook the window panes.

The first hurdle was passed, and they held each other, both knowing they’d made the right choice with each other at last.

And now they could really begin…

8 thoughts on “EROTIC STORY: “The First Hurdle”

  1. It’s funny how cliche the truth can be. Zayn was honestly the best thing that had ever happened to me and I could confidently speak for the both of us, that we fell in love at first sight. The fact that I didn’t even get one last kiss before he left me alone on this world to fight this battle, pained me even more. Who was I without him? I was no one. I was just an empty soul. But together? Together the two of us formed as one. A force to be reckoned with. Without the other, we could not function. We were a bunch of lovestruck teenagers that could never get enough of the other. He use to wrap his arms around me all the time just so he could feel our body warmth soothe each other’s senses. He use to kiss me slowly and delicately so that the electricity that sparked between our lips lasted that much longer. “I love you,” he used to whisper in my ear countless times, “Even when I die, I will always love you.” I use to always tease back asking, “How could you love someone if you’re not alive?” his reply would always be, “Because..our love is forever.” and he would grab my head, sealing a kiss on my lips that never failed to leave me breathless. And now all that was gone. Forever. My skin tingled and my heart ached unbearably as the reality of it all struck me hard each and every time the thought came to mind. I was never going to feel the gentle touch of him ever again; the touch of his soft finger tips, the touch of his delicate lips, or the sound of those three words that sung like a sweet melody.

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  3. He planted his lips on mine as he pulled out, staying over me. He slowly sat up as I did; holding both sides of my jaw to kiss me passionately. I kissed him back with as much passion, knowing that we had to stop. He pulled his lips back and slowly kissed my forehead. “Stay here.” He said quietly as he came off the bed, gathering my clothes in his arms. I watched him set them all down, rejecting me yet again as I tried to dress myself. He gestured me to get up, making me obey. I stood beside him, watching him dress me with one article at a time. He then dressed himself, keeping his eyes from mine. I knew he was dreading this moment.

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