Veho Technical Support & Upgrading To A ‘Better’ Camera

Veho Technical Support & Upgrading To A ‘Better’ Camera

As none of you will know (because I didn’t tell you), I managed to drop my Veho vcc-005 HD10+ camera onto the hardest damned stone floor in the world.

I have dropped the camera a couple of times in the two years I’ve had it, with no ill effects – but this time the glass covering the lens shattered.

Broken Veho camera

After being sick in my mouth a bit, I established that the glass was just a dust cover, and the camera seemed to work fine without it.

I got in touch with Veho Technical who very kindly sent a replacement glass cover out to me, with full instructions of how to replace it.

Excellent service!

So, as I mentioned, I’ve now been using this Veho camera for just over two years.

In that time, performance has been flawless.  The battery life has dropped to 1.5 hours (about half what it was from new), and I am considering cracking it open and replacing the battery with one from Ebay.  I’m leaving it as long as I can in case I bodge it up and kill the camera, though.

I have found on my YouTube videos there is an increasing number of people telling me that I should ‘upgrade’ my cam to a Go Pro/Drift HD/etc.

These cameras certainly all cost around 3 or 4 times more than it would cost me to buy another Veho HD10.

What nobody has actually been able to tell me is WHY do I need to pay out many times more money for something that, well, doesn’t do the job any better?


Let me just break things down against the Go Pro:

  • Image quality is the same.  Someone will come and argue that, but look at 2 HD vids on YouTube and there is no difference.  So you’re wrong.  Fact.
  • Battery life is less on a GoPro.  Less.  So why would I want something that records less?
  • Go Pro and most other cameras record to some weird Neanderthal-like slate.  Nobody uses Super HD flash 6″ Vinyl Micro cards.  Veho record to Micro SD.  Like just about everything else, so you probably already have lots of them lay around.  If not – they are CHEAP.
  • Reliability.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the discussions on vlogging forums about how everyone’s cam has some problem, or has just died.  You won’t find Veho mentioned.  I’ve used mine daily for 2 years – why have a super-duper expensive camera that doesn’t work?  And card failure/faults?  I’ve never had a single one!
  • Price – I can buy another 3 or 4 Veho HD cameras for the price of something like a GoPro.  Even if I did have that money to spend, why would I want to??

You can view my onboard bike and car videos using Veho cameras here:

 The shape of all of these cams is a down-side – especially if you want to shove it on the side of your helmet.  Considering I don’t really want to vlog, and I’ve already experimented with various mounting points, again, I can’t see any of the other cameras doing a better job of things!

So, if you’re one of those who’ve told me I should ‘upgrade’, please feel free to tell me exactly WHY and what I’d actually get out of any such change?


6 thoughts on “Veho Technical Support & Upgrading To A ‘Better’ Camera

  1. Nasty, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve had my Veho for a couple of years, as you, it gets used almost every day, including commuting, IAM training, as well as tours, both in the UK and abroad. My only gripe is the battery life, but I might solve that by just getting a couple more cameras. I’ve got lots of vids on the outward part of the trip, next to none coming home again!! The only item starting to go otherwise are the little stickers over the case screws, and now they are hanging off, I am tempted to open the case and see how it all goes together, because I’d love to separate the camera element, to make the helmet mounted part much smaller. I’d be happy to have the rest of the device in a pocket somewhere, maybe with a bigger battery, linked with a cable. Oh, the sound quality is awful, especially when inside the weatherproof case, but I turn that off anyway. A socket for a remote mic would be a good addition. Or Bluetooth it. Otherwise, I’m very, very pleased. It has worked in howling gales, snow, sand, ice, fog, at sea, and more. I’ll post some recent footage from a trip to the Breacons on Youtube….


    • Glad to hear it’s not just me thinking like this.
      A removeable battery would be a great modification, so you could take spares…
      I wonder why none of the camera companies offer different casing options? Maybe I should give Veho a poke and see what they can do!

      • Would be nice if they did. But heck, I work for a product design company! I’ll have a word with one of my biking designer colleagues, see if we can’t cook something up ourselves! (


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