The New UK Motorway Laws

The New UK Motorway Laws

It appears that the UK has rolled out a load of new rules for driving on motorways.

The accepted practice is not that everyone sits bumper to bumper in lane 3 (or ‘The Fast Lane’), tapping their brakes at regular intervals, whilst traffic now overtakes them in the two left-hand lanes.

All the way up the M6 the other day and then back down again I witnessed this phenomenon.  Everyone in lane 3 as traffic concertinered to a dead stop again and again with no cause – no accidents or road works – just fuckwits behind the wheel.

As soon as traffic speed drops below 60mph it’s time to dive into lane 1 and carry on at speed, otherwise you get caught in lane 3 as you watch all the HGV’s piss off into the distance as if they’ve just snatched your purse!

I’ve ranted many times about drivers who hog the middle lane, meaning they’ve just instantly reduced a 3 lane motorway to a one lane snarl-up, but things have all of a sudden got REALLY serious.

People will sit in lane 2 or 3 for miles and miles.

How hard can it be for the Government to get some adverts out there that simply say:


Come on, people!  Are you scared of ‘The Slow Lane’ all of a sudden?


Because once you’re in it you have to LOOK in your fucking mirrors and actually INDICATE to pull out and go past people?  Are you cunts really that lazy that this is the cause?  Or am I missing something?

I know we’re not supposed to ‘undertake’ people but they have made it impossible.

I would suggest that if you indicate left and leave the light on as you go past some ignorant wanker in the middle lane it might, just MIGHT make them think about pulling the fuck over!

Remember: if someone is able to undertake you, then you should have been able to pull over to the left to let them pass, anyway! 

And there is no such offence as ‘undertaking’.  If you get pulled it will be for dangerous or reckless driving.  So if you undertake safely there is no law against it.

Adding in your own gesticulations and shake of the head as you cruise past them as if you’re driving in fucking Spain is optional.

Leave those evil dangerous lunatics who exceed a 50 year old speed limit alone – and focus on those twats who are a REAL danger to everyone one on our roads!  Where is the campaign to get people to stay the fuck to the left on motorways?!

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