Male Breasts Are As Sexual As Womens!

Male Breasts Are As Sexual As Womens!


All the time in adverts and everywhere, I get tits shoved in my face.

Of course, I’m not talking about WOMENS breasts here, because that would be Indecent & Obscene.

I’m talking about MALE BREASTS.

I remember around 10 years ago, there was a TV advert for Neutralia shower gel, which showed a woman in the shower in that usual vaguely erotic but unrevealing way, then all of a sudden she ran a soapy hand over one breast and-


The nipple popped out from between her fingers!  There was utter outrage at the vile nudity.  The advert was banned.

Compare that to the adverts you see today for Lynx or Gillette:  A man is totally topless, with possibly even a woman (or two) rubbing his chest and nipples to show how sexy he is.

I don’t want to fucking see that!  I’m deeply offended and disgusted at having mens tits pop out of the screen while i’m trying to eat my Shepherds Pie!

So what the fuck is this double-standard?

We can show topless males but not topless females???  Where’s this ‘Equal Rights For The Sexes’ shit gone???

What’s the difference?  Most females have more fat in their breasts than a male.  That’s IT.

So, let’s look at the arguments that women give:

1.  “A womans breasts are more sexual.”  Bull-fuckin-shit!!!  What man doesn’t like his nipples licked/sucked/touched sexually?  Unless you have leprosy, you should have feeling there.

2.  “It’s obscene because men get turned on by seeing a womans breasts.”  Well -ing DURRRR!!!  And women don’t get turned on in the slightest by seeing man-mammories?  You’ve got to be shitting me?!

3.  “Womens breasts are more sacred.”  Oh, so women are better than men, now, huh???  I’ll have you know my breasts are pretty sacred too!  JESUS had similar breasts to ME!  Not you, you foul, stinking sexist wench!!!

4.  “It’s the same as seeing a man’s penis.”  No it fucking well isn’t!  Seeing a womans PUSSY is the same as seeing a man’s PENIS.  What part of this don’t you understand???  When men say “Show us yer tits!”, your response of “Show us yer dick first!” is just fucked in the head!

5.  “Mens breasts have always been shown, but women’s haven’t.”  Oh, alright then – well, women were always smacked the shit out of, dragged around by their hair, and the toilet seat was always left fucking UP!  Let’s go back to that, shall we?

6.  “Stop trying to start a fight with me – I’m all hormonal.”  Yes – that’s the only fucking reason you have, isn’t it?  A mans naked upper body is just a less-lumpy version of a female, isn’t it????

Aww, don’t cry!  Shit, I’m sorry – you’re right.  C’mere and give me a big pillowy hug…


4 thoughts on “Male Breasts Are As Sexual As Womens!

  1. To be frank, I wasn’t eyeballing the mans tits. My eyes dropped a little lower. And no, men’s chests aren’t as sexual as a woman’s boobs. I feel more turned on looking at a ladies boobs than a mans chest, and I’m (mostly) straight. Ish. 😉

  2. LOL yeah I play with my hubby’s tits all the time. Gets him all revved up. Shoot you can suck on a man’s toe and he will get stiff quick. If women have many zones why the hell not men? Do I find mens tits sexy, no but I don’t find tits in general sexy. More so those big water balloon jobs, yikes who wants to be slapped in the face with those? Oh ok, you men do! lol Just wear your helmet to ward off a crack to the head! lol I just love your postings!

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