Escort Services – A Fine Job For A Woman?

Escort Services – A Fine Job For A Woman?

Not long back, I had a conversation in the pub with one of my friends who was considering becoming an Escort (not the Ford – the ‘companion’).

I’ve actually had this similar conversation with quite a few of my friends and aquaintances – including some of my male ones!

It’s an excellent way for a woman to make lots of money quickly.

She goes out, chats to a man all night and generally keeps him entertained.  Most are probably career men who simply don’t have time for a proper relationship, and for that work or family do they’ll find it much easier just to hire someone to take, and avoid all the usual awkward questions.

Or maybe he’s just away from home and wants someone he can have a nice chat with over a meal.

Most of the agency rules say that the girl doesn’t have to do more than this, and then she gets her £500 cheque and goes home happy to her boyfriend.


Let me answer it this way:  Women are fucking stupid.

Yes, in an ideal world, this would all work out great – but I’m afraid this is reality.

Is any girl really that naive to believe that a man would ever pay out £500… ok, lets say £200… or even £100… just to have a woman to talk to for an evening?

For a start, the type of man who can afford that shit is the type of man used to getting exactly what he wants.

Secondly, no woman is worth that much.

Oh yes – however much you try and kid yourself, you’re a prostitute.  Not a blatant one, and maybe there is a slim chance that nothing sexual will be involved, but that is a SLIM chance!

I think you can get an hour with a prosti- err… I mean ‘massage therapist’, for £40-£60?

Think about that.

Even if a man IS prepared to pay £200 for your company for an evening, he’ll be expecting extra at the end of the night – whether he has to pay for it or not.  You can argue that you’re not a whore, but that’s only because if you’re lucky, you’re going to be able to make that choice to not have sex.

One girl I spoke to was realistic about it though.  I gave her the above reality check, and she said that would be ok – she could just shut herself off from the experience as she’d done before…

It was heartbreaking to hear my beautiful friend talk about it that way, but I couldn’t help but admit that she was probably perfect for the job…

And don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying there’s anything bad at all about being an escort!  If you can handle that, then you’re doing a fine thing and making people happy.

But if you don’t want to be a whore or a rape victim – it’s not for you.

5 thoughts on “Escort Services – A Fine Job For A Woman?

  1. It’s kinda funny and I really enjoyed your article. Thank you for sharing this. I know that it is a fine job for women but private call girls Sydney are often condemned because of their jobs.

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