Royal Tittage


Royal Tittage

So Kate Middleton, future Queen of England, has been snapped by the tabloids going topless on a holiday.

Oh the disgrace!

Do I mean The Media?  The underhanded pack of bastards, snapping some young girl in a private moment, and then publishing the photographs all over the world for everyone to letch over!

Nope.  I don’t care about them.

So, surely I mean Princess Kate herself?  Someone in such a position of power.  A role model.  Someone to be looked up to and respected!  How could she be so stupid to let her guard down?  Surely she knows the press are constantly on her looking for pics a tenth of that amount of juiciness (f’narr!)!?


I mean YOU.

You useless pack of self-righteous bastards.  Get off your high horses.  Stop slagging her off and insulting her breasts, or blaming her or The Media.  Because YOU are the cause, and YOU are the problem.

They’re tits.

Ooh, big whoop!  I’ve seen them before.  Hell, I’ve even got some myself!

Should Royals never be seen naked, and if you think this, how are you enjoying your repressive religion-inspired go-against-human-nature bullshit hypocrisy?

I’ve blogged before about how it’s fine to splatter a mans tits all over everywhere, but not a womans!  Oh, no!  We can’t show the female, slightly bigger version of a mans tits!

I saw my lovely finacee’s titties only this very morning, so why would I give a crap about some random rich girls tits in a newspaper?

Get over yourselves.

If people didn’t want to see this stuff, nobody would buy it.  If Princess Kate wasn’t a media whore the cameras wouldn’t be on her anyway.

By all means murder the low-down shits who force this kind of press down our throats all day every day – but don’t bullshit yourself, either.



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