EROTIC STORY: “Who’s On Top?”

EROTIC STORY: “Who’s On Top?”

The stroll back from the night out was in stark contrast to what was in her head, concentrating on the weight of his strong hand resting around her waist and on her hip.

He was looking at her sometimes, when he thought she couldn’t see.

She’d catch his eyes and see that spark in them, although their talk was friendly… casual…

Then she was inside the house, the door pressing into her back as he pressed her hard against it.

He must have been having ideas on the walk back, because he was at least as ready as she was.

She pulled him close to her and took a sharp intake of breath as his teeth gently clamped down on the side of her neck – more expertly than any vampire ever had in a work of erotic fiction.

She pulled his body close to hers, and he returned the embrace, feeling her leg wrap around him.

He wrapped his arms around her lower back, lifting her up and pressing her against the door, letting her cross her legs behind him.

They kissed, gasping, and she exhaled deeply as he rubbed himself against her, hitting just the right spot even through his trousers.

He shuffled backwards, and she didn’t want to let him move from between her legs, protesting briefly before unclenching from around him.

His usually bright blue eyes looked almost black, but burned into her, and she felt their heat between her legs, as he took her hand and led her up the short staircase.

She didn’t need to be dragged, and pushed him through the doorway and onto the bed.

He laughed at this, and she straddled him on the bed.

This time he could see the black lace hold-ups beneath her short skirt, and she pulled her top over her head to reveal a matching black bra.

She lowered her mouth to his, biting on his lower lip whilst again sliding against him, only this time she was in control.

Her eyes fell shut as she ground herself against him, lightly but firm enough to make him groan with pleasure, his hands running up over her hips and thumbs hooking under the band of her thong, pulling down insistently.

She opened her eyes and raised herself from him, rolling to the side to slide out of her underwear, as he fumbled quickly to remove his own.

He raised his shoulder up and she pushed him back down, sliding her leg over his hips again.

She felt so good just resting against him, then she reached her hand beneath her, wrapping around him and working him up and down in a screwing motion before guiding him inside her, sinking down greedily over him – wanting every inch inside and filling her.

She held there, feeling him reach around and undo her bra strap, then sliding it off her slender shoulders.

She rode him steadily, her hair falling forwards over his face, and he kissed down her neck, biting her shoulder as his hands explored the curves of her back.  She was going to cum soon.

He noticed her change, and grabbed her hips, pushing her off him, and then pushing her shoulder in the playful way she’d done to him earlier.

He got to his knees on the bed, and she quickly moved from her back onto all fours, taking him in her mouth.

He moaned loudly, as turned on by the thought of her tasting her own juices on him as he was by the wave motion she did with her tongue, all up the underside of his cock, her teeth biting lightly on his head as her tongue flicked over the most sensitive part lightly.

Her hot mouth enveloped him again and he looked down to see her eyes on his, wanting to please, willing him to cum in her mouth.

He couldn’t take that for long, and pulled out of her mouth.

“No – I want to fuck you.”

She lay back, holding herself open for him with her fingers.

He gladly obliged, sliding himself in slowly as he knelt between her legs, watching her fling her head back, revelling in the three short wordless cries that came from her before he was as deep inside her as he could be.

He leant forward over her, and she could smell sweat and aftershave.  Breathing him in as hungrily and she was taking him in, she pulled him down on top of her, moving her hips in time with his, as he ground his pubic bone hard against her clit, keeping almost all the way inside her and using just his hips.

He took both her hands in his, pinning them above her head with his weight, and slid out so far she thought she’d lose him – and she desperately wanted to keep him inside her.

He took several long strokes in her, and then changed to fast and shallow, the tip of him almost leaving her.

Then he went back to the long strokes and her head was desperately pressing at the mattress, her hips rising to meet him, and she couldn’t breath as the orgasm tore through her.

She was only vaguely aware of crying for him to cum with her, but she didn’t need to, for the feel of her around him had sent him to the edge, and that sexiest of commands pushed him off a huge cliff.

She felt him twitching inside her and pulled him harder into her, her hands now free and nails scraping the skin from his back, then she felt his weight collapse onto her, both of their orgasms spiralling down from their peak, gasping air and groaning as if in disbelief.

They kissed with smiles, and she kept him inside her as they got their breath back.

He stroked her face as he kissed her, and as she clenched around him she felt him begin to harden again.

Who would be on top this time around?


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