Don’t Bother Watching The News – It’s Not For You!

Don’t Bother Watching The News – It’s Not For You!

I make no secret of the fact that I very rarely watch the news on TV, or even read newspapers.

People give me funny looks if I say that, because they think I’m ignorant and out of touch. Everyone should watch the news, right?


I’ll tell you exactly what the news is. A load of crap they spoon feed you to meet their own agenda. They want to desensitise/sensitise you and make you think they way they want you to. Oh, yes – now I’ve written that down I’m checking my own head to see if I’m wearing a foil hat! I sound like a bloody nutter, but I’m going to have to stand by it!

When I do watch the news either one of two things happens: I get angry or I get depressed.

My anger might be at the way some Dictator is slaughtering millions etc, but is more likely to be how they are blatantly missing huge chunks of the story which may change the whole thing completely. For example, a ‘Merkin friend recently put a link on Facebook about how some poor soul was savagely beaten by some Evil Police officer. Terrible. Shocking!

But wait… however ‘bad’ the Police are, you won’t get them handing out a proper ass-whupping to someone who’s totally innocent. Exactly WHY was this ‘innocent’ person in their line of fire? Had they threatened to dismember the Officers family? Spat in his face? Raped a 3 year old girl repeatedly?

Fuck you for trying to tell me how should think! Give me the whole story and then let me decide, because I KNOW some people NEED to get battered by the Police! The world would be a much better place!

If it’s not some ‘shocker’ (not the hand movement) story, then it’s something depressing. Something we can’t do a damned thing about, and so what the Hell is the point or worrying about it? Oh, they’re fucking us over with more tax? Go ahead – you’re going to do it whatever I do about it! Knowing our leaders don’t have my best interests at heart won’t advantage me in any way.

Psychopath went all mental and shot a load of people?


No, wait, you fucking morons! How about BAN ALL PSYCHOPATHS instead??

Or a celebrity has done WHOGIVESAFUCK?!??????

This stuff either doesn’t affect you, or affects you in a way you can’t do anything about anyway.

I have my own little world and my own life. I have my friends and family to worry about, and wondering whether I can afford to get to work because all my fucking wages go towards paying for cunts who never work to be given everything for free because they had 6 babies and a ganja habit they’re on the Jeremy Kyle show for.

Are you actually happier being an avid watcher of the news? I doubt it very much.

The big stories still filter through to me, so I’m not totally out of touch, but the truth is I very rarely care.

Should I?

Although, give me a newspaper for just 30 minutes, and I’ll have another 10 blog rants for you!

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