Should We Allow Gay Marriage In The UK?

Should We Allow Gay Marriage In The UK?

Let me ask you another question:

If you’re straight, why do you care?

Is it honestly going to affect you in any way at all if two people who love each other choose to marry each other and wear a ring?

If you answered ‘yes’ either of these questions it’s because you’re some religious head-the-ball who shouldn’t be allowed to play with the rest of us in society anyway, or you’re some trouble-making bigot with nothing better to worry about in your life than bullshit ‘issues’ that don’t even affect you. Oh, hang on – are they both the same thing, anyway? Hmm…

I just don’t understand why anyone wants to stop someone else being happy with their life – as long as their life doesn’t hurt or adversely affect anybody else.

And let’s face it – who does gay marriage hurt? It might mean a straight man can’t have his dream lesbian threesome because it would be against the laws of marriage… but then again how many (straight) married couples are into swinging and dogging and swapping, anyway?

Many of these religious types so opposed to gay marriages are, ironically, well-known for having gay sex. With small children.

But let’s flip the coin here for a moment!

Why would anyone want to be part of any religious ceremony for a religion that hates them, anyway?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to tell the Church to fuck off and die, and say it loud and proud that you don’t need some bullshit ceremony to support your way of life?!

And if these filthy rotten homo’s are cheapening that whole concept of marriage, just what the Hell is the official line about rampant whore-slag fuck-anythings like Katie Price aka Jordan, or Jodie Marsh who even had a TV program called “Who’s going to take her up the aisle”?

Get a grip, people!

2 thoughts on “Should We Allow Gay Marriage In The UK?

    • Absolutely, but they’re not entirely to blame… I believe a recent survey showed about 20% of people in the UK found homosexuality ‘unacceptable’. I can only assume those people, if not devout followers of their religion, are a bit thick…

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