Jamie Oliver: Stop Drizzling Everything In Olive Oil!!!

Jamie Oliver: Stop Drizzling Everything In Olive Oil!!!

I noticed it a good while back now, but the spazzy chef seems to be getting even worse as time goes by!

After every single fucking thing this Nobber puts in a dish or on a plate:

“And we’ll just drizzle that in olive oil”


Do you drink bottles of the stuff, you filthy twat?

He’s on his ’30 Minute Meals’ program now cooking vegetable Rogan Josh curry.

He put olive oil on:

  • The pan.
  • The pickle.
  • The salad.
  • The chapattis.
  • The yoghurt.
  • Even on the boiling fucking rice!

I shit you not! This olive oil addicted rubber-head even poured fucking olive oil into the water he was boiling the rice in!  How can it be to keep it moist when the bastard stuff is already in a bowl of smegging WATER?!?


Surely that qualifies you as having a serious problem?

This utter cunt even drinks his cups of tea or glasses of water drizzled in olive oil!

I know some restaurants have a couple of bottles of olive oil on the table, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone actually use it? Do people drizzle shit in olive oil? Do people even still USE olive oil to cook stuff? I discovered peanut oil a few years ago and haven’t looked back since – not that I put that on my corn flakes, either – unlike that disgusting olive-perve Jamie Oliver.

Fuck off with your olive oil, you filthy drizzling cunt!


9 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver: Stop Drizzling Everything In Olive Oil!!!

  1. This is funny… especially because recently when I’m cooking I find myself using olive oil on EVERYTHING! In the pan, before roasting. Its excessive.

  2. “Smegging” as a verb. Wow. Too cool for words.

    Yeah, I know. I completely missed the point. But I’m in ADHD-addled awe when someone finds a new use for a word like that.
    (Oh, and the only thing I drizzle are the dregs at the bottom of the bottle when I upend it at the end of a drunken crawl)

  3. I think its high time you renewed this rant about Jaime Oliver with a new post. Have you noticed how he likes to take a classic Italian dish and turn it into something not classic at all. Just the other day on Jaime and Jimmy, I swear I saw him make a cake out of a carbonara! He basically made a carbonara, put the it in a cake tin and baked it. Surely that is not a carbonara anymore?

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