Car Drivers Still Piss Me Off

Car Drivers Still Piss Me Off

Even though I’ve now had cars for almost 2 years, I still class myself more as a biker.  In fact, I still sometimes walk to the wrong car door to get in, then have to fake a tyre inspection or something before walking around to the correct side.

Being technically a ‘car driver’ myself, there are still things that car drivers do that piss me off.

Is it just me, or does nobody care anymore about hitting your car, or driving into things?

Every time I park outside a supermarket, I seem to come back to some new fucking dent or scrape on my car.  No notes from the culprit, no witnesses, just the sign of yet another selfish cunt who shouldn’t be on the roads in the first place.

People used to stop and admit stuff like that, didn’t they?  I guess that was the days before some minor claim on the insurance would cost hundreds on top of your policy for the next 5 years…

Hence, everyone seems to be driving around in cars with dents adn scrapes all over them, because it’s just not worth repairing anything.  It’s not quite as bad as places like Prague, where every car seems to have lost a fight with a tram, but we’re getting there.

It still sends me fucking apeshit to see drivers approaching islands staring off to the right waiting for gaps in traffic.


You can’t fucking go anywhere if there’s a car in front of you!  What if the car doesn’t move?  You will run into the back of it and earn my scorn.

There is NEVER an excuse to do this!  Fucking look where you’re going until yur path is clear, THEN look to see if you can join the island.  It’s not brain surgery, but you dumbass cunts make it seem like it’s impossible!

And speaking of dumbass cunts there are STILL huge numbers of them chatting away on the phone whilst driving!  They KNOW they’ll get points and a fine if they get caught, so WTF are they doing?!

I guess YOU are perfectly ok to talk and drive, are you?  Because you’re in a white van?  No – because you’re a thick cunting great lummox who deserves to be shot in the face.

And just as bad, the Nob-Nuts who do 40mph for miles in a 60mph zone, then carry on doing 40 when the road goes through a 30 zone, then STILL do 40 when it goes back to a 60 again!!!

FFS if its too dangerous to do ‘high’ speeds on a suitable road what the fuck are you doing speeding through the unsuitable bits?!??!?

Loads of 60mph zones have been dropped to 40mph ‘for safety’ (i.e. no fucking reason at all), so I have to admit that cheapens the reason for those limits.  How can we respect that?  But 30mph zones are generally there to stop you killing yourself or school children/puppies/old biddies.  So you have to respect them and slow the fuck down!

And if you can’t reach 60mph in a designated zone then get the fuck back on the bus you twat!


I’ve just seen this video from a cyclist that captures exactly the blind ignorance of most car drivers.  Especially the cock-nosed cow of a woman crying about “Where were you?!?!” – HE WAS UNDER YOUR FUCKING CAR YOU RETARD!!!


3 thoughts on “Car Drivers Still Piss Me Off

  1. My hate is when trying to turn right at traffic lights. Often, there is no right filter and your only chance to get across is those few seconds between amber/red and the other way going green. Two or three times a week I’m in the middle of the road still trying to turn as the oncoming traffic starts from left and right, all because the asses in the other direction, try to jump the amber and red.


    • LOL yes I’m totally with you on that one! In Bromsgrove there are loads like that, and to make things worse the road markings have all worn away so nobody really knows where they’re supposed to stop and wait. So everyone just stops in the middle facing each other down and looking scared…

      • Oh yes. And the car drivers that pull up in the middle of the road to talk to their mates, to drop people off. All the while there is miles of space if they made the effort to pull into the kerb.


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