And A Deathly Roar Filled The Skies Once More…

And A Deathly Roar Filled The Skies Once More…

The motor racing season has finally started off again!  This makes me happy, after the long, dark, bleak Winter of nothing but diving soccer pansies and the odd re-run of some of last years racing!

I went to Silverstone a few weeks ago to watch the 750MC club races, and especially the first round of the Formula Vee championship – where the racing was awesome as it is every time the single-seaters are out.  I even remembered my sun screen so didn’t get burnt for once!

And of course the Moto GP season kicked off last weekend with the new regulations.

I’m a bit gutted to see that Valentino Rossi isn’t living up to his God status yet again, even finishing behind one of the satelite Ducati teams, and well below Hayden.  Personally, as much as it pains me to say it, I don’t think Rossi has ever recovered from the crash that broke his leg.  I hope he gets back to the top again, but I have to say I doubt it.

I think you’d be mad to bet against Stoner taking it again this year.  Lorenzo looks strong but he’s a horrible little cock-end, so he can pig off.

Moto 2 is as frantic as ever, with at least 6 bikes fighting for the lead, and the new Moto 3 shows the same promise – although it is sad that the two-strokes are no more…

Formula 1 is all a bit ‘meh’ just like it has been since around 1993.  They should scrap it and televise Formula Vee in its place so we can actually see some racing!

My usual problem is that only having Freeview TV, I barely get to see any racing other than the above.  Everything else is on Sky TV and other stuff that costs money.

Someone from a bike forum has recently either saved my life or ruined it.  They’ve given me a link to a website that streams all the sports channels (and more) from around the world – all for free!

It all seems to work perfectly (providing you at least have Adblocker Plus running through Firefox – it was a nightmare before!), and I now have access to, in technical terms, shitloads of racing from NASCAR to, umm… whatever obscure racing is televised.

Here’s the link for anyone that may find it of use:

The other night I watched the Bathurst 12 Hour GT race which was great, and cock full of action for an endurance event.  I shall look forward to many more such things on there!

Next I just need to get myself back out on track again…

7 thoughts on “And A Deathly Roar Filled The Skies Once More…

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    • Thanks! I spent a few hours watching some drifting last night from that link – I think it’s going to take over my life lol!

      I found taht pic of the Ray on the Brands Hatch website but I’m not sure who’s driving? It doesn’t look like Rob – possibly John himself?

  2. “Next I just need to get myself back out on track again…”

    Hi, so how’s the repairs of the Ninja coming along? Is it done already?

    I’m having thoughts about buying the ZX9R again, but I would buy a set of transmission and gears from the older machines 2001-2003 immediately in the event of the likelihood of tranny failure. At the moment the owner is outstation, so I can’t view the bike until after next Thursday. hmm….

    • It’s still not fixed yet! There aren’t many gearboxes going that I can find, so I might have to get the engine apart and then source parts… I’m hoping I can do it without much time off the roads, so am still looking for a box I can swap straight in…

      • How about EBay? Any luck there? I know England has what you called “breakers”. Any chance there?

        I read that it’s better to get transmissions from 2001 to 2003 and the earlier Z1000s.

        Hope that it works out soon. Spring is here already!

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