Panic Buying Petrol

Panic Buying Petrol

The first I knew about this were Facebook statuses reporting huge queues of cars around local petrol stations.

I’m pretty adept now at completely avoiding the news, so had a quick look on the BBC website to find out what current crisis might have triggered this off.  And there isn’t one.

Petrol Tanker drivers were talking about going on strike for more money because their job is dangerous.

Let me just stop there to go off on a tangent:  These drivers are paid £45,000 per year.  And they want more.  I’d be happy to be earning HALF of what they’re getting.  And they want more?  Aww – poor diddums!  You can only afford to buy the one fucking BMW every year, now, can you?  I’ll tell you what – I’LL do their ‘dangerous’ job for £35,000 per year and smile every day!  The Police don’t even get £45,000 per year!!!

So, yes – back on track…

It seems that some twatbag politician had ‘advised’ that people top up their tanks and fill some jerry cans with petrol before they went into talks with the poor hard-done-by truckers.

So the dumb-ass Chavvy masses of course all went down to their local forecourt to fill every orrifice with petrol.


And now, thanks to these dickheads, all petrol prices have gone up at least another 10p per litre (don’t even get me started on THAT one) because everyone is falling over themselves to pay it!

I haven’t filled up in a week because I didn’t need to.  This morning I had to wait in a queue at 07:30 because these rubberheads were all out early again, when all I want is enough fuel to get me to work!


All of you.

5 thoughts on “Panic Buying Petrol

  1. I see you have the zombie masses listening to politicians too! The spike in gas prices was their goal dear brother! LOL Have you heard about the killing of the teen in our Florida??? Our nut job leaders have now coined a phrase “White Hispanics”! Now if you are not black skinned you are the New White! Of course our media has reported upon your gas crisis. All leaders are a bunch of idiots and we sit back and laugh!!!!

    • I actually am surprised that it’s made news anywhere else, considering it wouldn’t have actually been a crisis if some dumbass politician hadn’t hinted we should start panic buying?!
      I haven’t seen anything on our news (then again, as mentioned, I try to avoid it!) about the killing, but I did read a link from a Facebook friend about the black kid who got shot by someone who was some kind of Neighbourhood Watch militant? And got away without a charge… i presume that’s the one?

  2. I needed fuel by the time I got home yesterday, drove all the way from Warwick to Walsall, passed scores of petrol stations with no queues, finally got to my regular one near home (So I can get Morrisons points) and found the biggest feckin queue I’d seen all day. Typical.


    • LOL I think most people are heading for the supermarkets for petrol because they can still get money off. When I took the bike out the other day I found most places had sold out of everything but Super Unleaded – which suited me fine!

  3. Thought I would update you about this situation here in the states. Truckers carrying fuel are being attacked by the people who are angry at the pumps. Now gas stations in California are closing at an alarming rate creating line ups at the ones still open. California is nothing but a sea of people! One concrete state! We joke it is going to fall off the continent! LOL Anyway that is what is going on here….. I know you guys pay way more than we do for the Petrol. Just love your posts brother across the sea!

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