Fogging Hell

Fogging Hell

There are too many stupid people in the world.

It may be because I’ve not long ago had training to pass my car test, and I actually LISTENED to the advice they gave that’s meant to keep me and others alive?

This morning I drove to work in thick fog – of course I had my dip beam on but also felt it wise to switch the fog lights on.  Visibility was BAD, and well below 100 metres.  Probably less than 40 metres.

Yet still there were loads of others driving just on side lights, and some without ANY lights at all!

What the Hell is wrong with people???

Is it just because everyone else is so stupid, thick, or plain ignorant of the world around them?

Are they trying to save electricity or light bulbs?

If they are, that’s odd – because you can bet for the next few weeks everyone will be driving around with fog lights on full because they can’t switch them off again!

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