Boxers and Bitching

Boxers and Bitching

I’m sure you’d have all seen the charade where some clown-shoes boxer slapped his opponent at the weigh-in?  Then he started a fist-fight with another boxer as well.  I’m not even going to name the twat.

I can’t remember who it was, but I also remember recently hearing another British boxer threatening to ‘rape’ his opponent.

For fucks sake ban them for life or at least stop having stupid press conferences encouraging the fucktards from saying this stuff!  What a waste of time boxing has been for the last 10 years…

Or maybe they’re just a true reflection of society?

It seems to me that most people – and I do mean almost everybody – seems to have some deep craving for stress and drama in their everyday lives.

Maybe it’s the backlash of 30 years of sitting in front of the TV watching vaccuous scum in soap operas?  Maybe Public Enemy were right in ‘She Watch Channel Zero’ talking about how if you watch enough of that shit it becomes your reality?

Well, a Hell of a lot of people watch that shit.

I’ve recently had the ‘fun’ of organising a party for my recent engagement.

Jesus Titty-Fucking Christ!

Don’t the fucked-up family politics come out to romp around when you bring anything like weddings and engagements up?  The jealousy… the control… the one-upmanship…


Why does everyone seem to need to have some crap going on in their lives that spells the end of everyones world?

You don’t HAVE to live like that.  There’s a time to shut the fuck up and go along with people, and a time to take a stand.

I’ve said it before that the best people you can have in your life are the ones who have truly seen drama.  Stuff that could have ended their life.  People who’ve lost everything and clawed something back together again.

When you’ve really been staring down the barrel you learn to forget about all the minor, nagging bullshit that people stress themselves over.  Give yourself a damned reality check!

You make the choice to carry on your miserable-assed existence, and I don’t appreciate it when your choice tries to drag me into it.

Getting on a plane and going very far away from everyone to get married without the bullshit is looking very tempting right now.

Maybe somewhere without soap operas.  Or boxing.

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