Hide The Fags!

Hide The Fags!

No, I’m not calling for us all to push our gay brothers and sisters back in the closet – I’m talking about the recent trend where shops have to hide their cigarettes.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been in a shop, buying porn, fisting mittens, alcohol and chilli sauce, when I’ve suddenly seen the display of cigarettes and thought “Wow!  I really should get some cigarettes and smoke the whole lot tonight, too!”

Oh… hang on… Yeah, that’s right – that has NEVER happened.

The chances are, when you buy a pack of cigarettes from a shop, it’s because you SMOKE.

If you’re not a smoker, you’re hardly likely to be tempted by the joyous colour markings (or maybe the picture of cancer-riddled infant testicles) on a packet of Marlboro or Silk Cut.  “Well, I came in for a Lottery ticket, but now I’ve seen THESE on display I realise if I DO win, then I’ll be able to afford to buy fucking cigarettes – so give me a box of 200!”

I’m probably in what would be considered the highest risk category of being persuaded to buy cigarettes – because I ONLY smoke when I WANT to smoke.  20 in a night or none for 6 months – it doesn’t bother me.  I know for a fact that I won’t buy them just because I can see them on the counter!  Do none of you fuckers understand that I CAN make the choice to smoke or not, without killing myself???

For fucks sake will you retarded do-gooder mongs stop trying to hold everyones hands as if they can’t make up their own minds!!!

It’s no wonder nobody these days will take responsibility for their own actions when the whole of fucking society is telling us we don’t have free will, and so they’ll have to guide us to do what they think is right.

This week.

Next week it will probably be alcohol… or ‘fun’ in general.

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