Talking Dirty

A double-whammy of old chat whispers tonight, because who doesn’t like a bit of dirty talk on a Saturday night?

MrFiction : Hi

MrFiction : *coughs to get attention*

Mez2567 : lol hi

MrFiction : wanna teach me to talk dirty?

Mez2567 : i wudnt no where to start

MrFiction : nor me

Mez2567 : we must be the only 1’s

Mez2567 : lol]

MrFiction : awww

MrFiction : i heard women like it

MrFiction : i’m at a disadvantage

Mez2567 : lol may be in person hun buti know it dont do anything for me on ere

Mez2567 : so u fine there]

MrFiction : well, you start and i’ll see if it does anything to me

Mez2567 : i dont do that told u

Mez2567 : lol

MrFiction : nor do i

MrFiction : so come on – lets give it a go

Mez2567 : may be another time

MrFiction : no – look…..

MrFiction : the bin men have just been – there’s all rubbish over the top of the path….

Mez2567 : lolo

MrFiction : that’s pretty dirty, huh?

Mez2567 : lol u r mad

MrFiction : yeah – tell me how mad i am, baby

Mez2567 : asl

MrFiction : i can see an egg carton from here…. it’s got some tomatoe sauce on it, i think

MrFiction : mmmmm

MrFiction : oh yeah

Mez2567 : lol

MrFiction : forget asl – i need you to be filthy

MrFiction : hurry

Mez2567 : im going off now sorry

MrFiction : tell me what’s in your bin?

Mez2567 : bad luck

MrFiction : come on – i’m nearly there!!!!

Mez2567 : cya nxt time

Mez2567 : lol

MrFiction : noooooo

MrFiction : just describe an old can for me

MrFiction : with a crisp packet in

MrFiction : tell me how dusty your shelves are

Mez2567 : use ur imagineation

Mez2567 : ther not i just done em

MrFiction : describe the pet hair on your jumper….

Mez2567 : really gotta go now,take care

MrFiction : oooh yeahbaby – you just did it???

MrFiction : show me the rag!!!

MrFiction : WAIT!!!

Mez2567 : y

MrFiction : *SPURT*

MrFiction : *SPURT*

MrFiction : ok – you can go now

Mez2567 : u made me laugh so much in the last 10mins

Mez2567 : so hope we chat again

Mez2567 : xx

Mez2567 has left the conversation.


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