This was another uninvited’whisper’ (like a private message thingy) I had back in the Grapevine 20s MSN chatroom – it must be getting on for 10 years ago now!  NastyLittleCuntpoke was one of the names I used when my MrFiction name was banned for assorted skulduggery.

Pimpdaddy5935 : hey babe

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : hey hun

Pimpdaddy5935 : how are you

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : fine darling

Pimpdaddy5935 : asl

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : no – i’m not into that

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : are you?

Pimpdaddy5935 : y

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : fronts?

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : buy boxers – much sexier

Pimpdaddy5935 : where u live?

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : wan my address?

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : *want

Pimpdaddy5935 : just wanna know whe4e u live

Pimpdaddy5935 : wat city

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : sure, yeah – you can come right over and fk my sister too

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : where do YOU live, hmm>>

Pimpdaddy5935 : canada

Pimpdaddy5935 : u

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : that figures

Pimpdaddy5935 : u have a cam/

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : i have a double overhead cam and 16 valves

Pimpdaddy5935 : add my email

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : add it yourself you willy-woofter

Pimpdaddy5935 : dirt_biking_pro@hotmail.com

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : i said no thanks – you look like a palsied orangutan in your pic

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : i have higher standards

Pimpdaddy5935 : i dont have a pic

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : good job you ‘orrible flakey-skinned ape

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : you make me feel ill

Pimpdaddy5935 : your ugly shut up

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : *you’re

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : and you can’t tig your own butcher

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : so you lose

Pimpdaddy5935 : your funny

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : so are you

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : in the head

Pimpdaddy5935 : funny looking

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : now piss off, Chompy

Pimpdaddy5935 : whore

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : frigid little raccon-faced toerag

Pimpdaddy5935 : your prob still a virgin

Pimpdaddy5935 : lmao

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : last time you put out was, err…. last night when you put your cat out…

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : or something wittier

Pimpdaddy5935 : go use that finger some more

Pimpdaddy5935 : retard

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : finger?

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : are you mental?

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : is there an adult there i can talk to???

Pimpdaddy5935 : no but you are

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : *rapps on your skull*

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : MC FLYYYYYYY!111111

Pimpdaddy5935 : mc whore

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : well duhhhh

ÑåstÿLïttlëC¨ntpøkë : joeyyyyy

Pimpdaddy5935 has left the conversation.

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