Put Your Foot Down Or Stay In The Loser Lane!

Put Your Foot Down Or Stay In The Loser Lane!

WTF is it lately with people driving too slowly?

I don’t mean ‘too slowly compared to me’ – but people who seem to have decided that our speed limits (which were set for retards driving 1962 spec vehicles that exploded when you hit 42mph) are too fast, and so are going to drive at their own pace.

I’m all in favour of driving to the road conditions, rather than using your speedometer as a barometer of safety, but this does not mean going dangerously slower than everyone else on a clear road in good conditions.

Let’s face it, most dual carriageways and all motorways can safely be driven at the legal limit of 70mph.  Hell, if drivers actually pay attention to driving, they should be fine and safe at 100mph in modern vehicles.

But nooooooooo!

What we get is Nervous Old Biddy/Young Female With Face Pressed Against Windscreen/Doddering Middle-Aged Man doing the speed that they consider ‘safe’, whilst ignoring those behind swerving around them in clouds of tyre and brake smoke as they almost twat them doing a LEGAL 30mph more!

Is it the Zombie-like state of fuel conservation we’ve had rammed down our throats for the last few years?  I mean, we wouldn’t want people to actually press the fucking loud pedal, would we?

And then when you get 60mph Dickhead coming up behind 50mph Dickhead what happens then?

60mph Dickhead pulls out to overtake, ignorning everyone already doing a decent speed in that lane, and takes 45 fucking minutes to complete the overtake!


I’d go so far as to say you should never be allowed to enter the fast lane if you’re doing less than 70mph.  You’re a loser.  Stay the fuck out of the way of people who want to get places.  If you REALLY needed to get anywhere as fast as us you wouldn’t be doing 10mph under the speed limit in the first place!

I fully appreciate you’re trying to save the planet in your shitty little box shaped Korean wank wagon, but there’s a time to put your foot down, and that directly correlates to the time when you pansies should fuck off out the way!

What’s even worse is that you just KNOW these Cock-Knuckles are those same airheaded cunts who do 50mph through a national speed limit area, holding everyone up, stay at 50mph through the next 40mph zone, then still hold your speed when it goes back to the national limit.

If you’re too scared to drive – WALK.

Then I can fucking run you over.

7 thoughts on “Put Your Foot Down Or Stay In The Loser Lane!

  1. Ok, I’m so very confused now. The pic shows a small car passing on the left; you talk about speed limits in the MPH instead of KPH; you spell “tire” the wrong way 😉 ; and I’m fairly certain you live in Great Britain somewhere. These things don’t add up! LOL

    Other than that, it’s bang on. 😉

  2. I completely agree. Although I could easily fall into the Old Biddy category, I drive like a teenager and my reflexes are still very, very good. It does drive me crazy when people don’t get the hell out of my way… But that is just me. *impish grin* Retirement has not mellowed me.

    They have passed a law on Florida to keep slow drivers in the outside lane. So far, it is apparent too many dunderheads don’t know the law. Or…I am the dunderhead if it is just not effective yet. IDK…we will see how this works out, but I don’t have a lot of hope. Sooooo…. I will continue to intimidate slower drivers in the fast lane by bearing down on them in my Tahoe. It is amazing how often I can “intimidate” a smaller vehicle into the slow lane…. My husband hates when I do that…. I get a rush!

    • It’s what big vehicles are for! The way I see it, big vehicles are slow, so if one is able to get up behind you then you’re going too slow and should GTFO the way. If you’ve ever seen the film “Dual” you’ll know why I check behind me for Peterbuilts very carefully, in my little red car…

      And you don’t fall into the ‘Biddy’ category until you start pulling moves like this:

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