Should Children Do Cage Fighting?

Should Children Do Cage Fighting?

I saw a news report (so expect a rant) this morning where everybody was getting all uppity because two children have been ‘Cage Fighting’.

Here’s the BBC report: Boys’ fight in cage ‘very barbaric’ says Jeremy Hunt

Right, which Nob Head even labelled this ‘cage fighting’?  Ok, so it’s in a cage, much like adult Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fighters go at it – but if I’m not mistaken that’s simply because they were fighting at the adult event?

On the report, they also said that there was NO striking allowed at all.  Therefore this was NOT MMA – it was just a grappling match.

Does that get you dropping your pitchforks if they called it a ‘Grappling Match’ instead of ‘cage fighting’?

One ‘expert’ even said that he was fine with children doing wrestling, but some of the moves these kids were doing could have caused serious damage if they’d made a mistake.


Wrestling is fake.  The whole point of wrestling is to perform stupidly over-the-top moves that would most likely kill anybody in real life!  MMA grappling moves technically can’t be performed with a ‘mistake’, because the whole purpose is to be able to adapt a move based on what your opponent does to stop you doing it!  It’s not scripted!

He also said he didn’t mind children doing this sort of thing in a controlled environment.  Could it be any more controlled than a martial art with worldwide support, which had paramedics and doctors at the ringside?  And add to this expert fighters who’ve spent their whole lives studying and are passing their best knowledge on to these children.  FFS do these people even think before they open their mouth?

So these kids weren’t wearing any padding or headguards.  Boo-hoo!  Get over it!  For one, let me just say again THERE WAS NO STRIKING, and secondly how often do kids get hurt playing the non-contact sport of football?

We don’t need your stupid politically correct protection!

These idiots have no idea about martial arts – especially grappling, where you can’t wear padding because if you do you can’t perform the techniques… or your opponent will use your padding to hurt you.

Does it need to be in a barbaric cage?  No.  And I bet they rarely do fight inside an octagonal cage – much like how boxers will rarely fight inside a ring.  These kids had probably trained for years in a dojo on padded mats before this.

This is nothing new.  Take away the labels and cage, and what we have is two children having a Judo match.

It’s just that the knee-jerk idiots will blow this out of all proportion as their latest crusade, and get it banned when its something that kids want, love, and might actually teach them some discipline.  And stop them sitting eating Greggs pasties and playing on a Nintendo DS whilst getting fat, then having a riot…

4 thoughts on “Should Children Do Cage Fighting?

  1. Hmmm, nasty evil ninja – HAD to click on you with that headline. I live in Australia and we don’t have young ones doing this, but my son is very dedicated & trains five nights a week doing MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai. He’s determined to be a cage fighter. But as I say, it won’t happen until he’s of age. Had mixed feelings about it and told him he needs a plan b just in case, but yes, he’s very physical and even I did martial arts dedicatedly before he was born – so I get it. Not sure about young’uns doing these, even though there’s no striking. I think it should graduate through the years – and cage fighting should be for the older set. Up until then, just fighting & grappling is fine I reckon, in the ring. I’m just for graduating it.

    • I started Karate when I was 8, and have done many arts since then, so I’m defintely in favour of getting kids into martial arts from an early age.

      I don’t think they needed to have them fight in the actual octagon, but I’m assuming they were just on the same fight card as an adult fight show. It’s a big crowd and a lot of pressure if that is the case, but I did loads of competitions when I was young that had big crowds. Personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way just to watch kids doing this, but they obviously had some interest in this (or one of the promoters was their Daddy?).

      Cage fighting is all the rage, and I’m 100% sure I’d have wanted to do it, but back when I was young the choice was Karate or Judo. I say let them train – all they’re doing is combining martial arts, and some arts have everything they’ll need in MMA anyway.

      The thing that pisses me off is the knee-jerk reaction. Someone actually called the Police for child cruelty. I’ve heard several criticising the event because a paramedic looked one of the kids over!!! OH NO! YOU MEAN THEY HAD FULLY TRAINED MEDICAL STAFF THERE?! THE BASTARDS!

      I don’t think they should have been fighting on an adult fight card, but it’s a bit of a non-story, really. Let’s see if they call to ban cage fighting…

  2. It seems like there is NOTHING left at which SOMEONE might take offense. They are kids growing and learning and enjoying what they have chosen to do. To the adults and critics, I say SHUT THE HELL UP and let the kids be kids. I am thankful that adults had some common sense left back in the day when I was a kid!

    • Absolutely! And what’s with this ‘nobody loses’ crap? How’s that going to help anybody in sports, or in life itself? If you’re good at something you should be rewarded, and if you’re crap you should go do something else – not be told you’re a winner, too!

      Some of the things I got up to as a kid would get my parents arrested and me put in years of counselling and on untold amounts of behavioural drugs – and yet I survived just fine. And I know how to show respect and humility, unlike most kids today…

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