Utterly Shit New Facebook Feed – Go And Die

Utterly Shit New Facebook Feed – Go And Die

All day I saw people whinging about yet more new and unoptoutable (is that a word?) changes that Facebook were making.  I couldn’t see much difference apart from some of my groups in the list were missing.  Or MORE, I should say, as the rest disappeared a while back during other changes…

Getting back tonight and sitting down with a nice monkfish tail and noodles, I called up Facebook and… It’s here!


What, in the blue-arsed spasticated baboons arse of a CUNT have they gone and done now?!?

For fucks sake!

I’m greeted with ‘Top Stories’.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Good idea, but useless to me.  How do I change it back?  I can’t??

Ok, so I go down the list of posts on my news feed, and click the options tag to the right of their post, to find that by default, I’m only going to see ‘most’ of that friends posts on Facebook.  I have to go through the 300-odd (some very odd) friends on their individually to change this so I can see ALL their posts like before??  FUCK YOU.  FUCK YOU RIGHT UNDER THE FINGERNAILS WITH THE EDGE OF A CORRUGATED PIZZA BOX, YOU UTTER CUNTS!!!!


Surely the default setting should be to see ALL posts, and in time order from the most recent??  That’s the whole fucking point of Facebook??

I’m only on there to keep in touch with friends, and more importantly to be ENTERTAINED by what they say!  I like to think some on there will be ENTERTAINED by what I post, too!

But are they even seeing it now?  Am I seeing them?

Have they sold Facebook to MySpace?  Because I loved that place until they utterly fucked it up to the point where I scrapped my 1 million view blog to start again from scratch on a site that wasn’t shit!

Facebook has done even worse, because where MySpace simply ignored anything to do with blogs, FaceFuck has directly fucked up the entire point of being there.


*applauds sarcastically*

And you film was shit, too.


https://i0.wp.com/www.evilmilk.com/pictures/Fuck_You403.jpg Facebook, being the ball that Facebook dropped, yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Utterly Shit New Facebook Feed – Go And Die

  1. Yes yes yes yes YES! I’ve been saying the same thing all morning, in response to many posts about this. This is MySpace all over again. Have you been there recently? I have – last week AAMOF. Long enough to kill my account. And before that – I was there about two years ago or so

    There is a right way and a wrong way to bring change. FB did it the exact wrong way. They need to take a page from Apple, who truly know how to bring change to the masses. They first of all TALK about it. Get people salivating. Maybe leak a few tidbits, to stir up anticipation. When it gets to the point where people are asking, and then demanding the changes – THEN they bring them out, with full fanfare and applause. THAT’S how you effect change. You don’t sneak it in the back door, tap your client on the shoulder and say “oh by the way, bub, you’re about to be fucked. Would you care to bend over? No? Well then, here, have a roofie and bend over anyway.”

    Others have been posting FB updates along this line: “quit complaining about change. It’s going to happen. Grow some balls and STFU about it. Don’t complain about something that’s free.” I really wanted to reach through the computer screen and slap the shit out of them. They don’t understand that FB comprises a symbiotic relationship between FB, us, and the advertisers. Keeping paying advertisers happy directly involves keeping US happy.

    By the way – I don’t know if I we were ever friends on FB. It could be that we were, but recently my account was killed because they thought my name was fake. I’m on there again, with a different name. (Thought about creating it with the name “Zuckerberg Suckshismommasballs” but I wasn’t sure they’d accept that.)

    • Yeah – some change you should accept. If it has a purpose. If it isn’t detrimental to your own life for no reason at all. To just accept that is to be as the puppy who rolls on its back when kicked.

      Facebook is definitely going down the MySpace path with this, and with a few alternatives already setting up they should wake the fuck up and realise the course they’re taking.

      I did have you on Facebook, and thought you’d gone a bit quiet lately? That’d explain it then! I’m ‘James Cater’ in my slightly less sweary format. 😉

  2. go get fuck off tell him thankz for. THe. LAst fuck off told u il work? It sorry i said. GO to sea take a seat.deł s rode house

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