UK Street Riots: The Future

UK Street Riots: The Future

The Politicians will tell you that it’s easy to fix the problems with the Bored Youth.  Build them all a youth club!

Wake the fuck up and get some idea of the Real World!

No fucker will want to go to a youth club, probably run by weirdy Christians, unless they wear glasses and cardigans!  And already do all their homework.

We had a Youth Club in the village run by -ing Baptists (like even weirder Christians) called Seekers.

We could work in groups to build shit from egg cartons, and we’d be rotated around in groups to some even shitter activities.  Ooh and maybe even a ping-pong table!!

Until we realised that Seekers was really just a dry place where we could skin up before drinking a stolen bottle of Anthony’s Dad’s wine and fighting on the back car park.

Which was more fun?

Get glue and glitter on your fingers or get the juices of Mary-Jane Rottoncrotch on your fingers up the graveyard?

And youth clubs aren’t even open every night!  Do they expect teens to go out once a week and then sit in the rest of the week talking wholesomely with their families?  Yes, yes they do!

The scum who did all the looting and rioting weren’t paupers with no opportunities in life, as they’re all bleeting on about now.  They have the same opportunities as anyone else, if they put down the soap bar and cheap cider and get a job.

Oh, but of course they burnt even more businesses out, in protest of them not being able to get a job?!

That part alone should tell you all you need to know about the mentality of our thick-as-pigshit society.

In the future, expect it all to happen again.  Because they know we’re too soft – just like their parents are.  There are no consequences other than a very slim possibility of prison which will enhance their Big Hard Man status even further.

Unless we harden the fuck up…

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