Consequences Of The UK Street Riots

Consequences Of The UK Street Riots

I’m shitting myself that one day I’ll get caught for speeding – which will potentially mean prison time and the loss of my job, followed by years of massive price hikes on my insurance and possibly retaking both my driving licenses.

At the same time, these fuckers are burning down buildings and stealing as much as they can carry, knowing the chances of even being caught are slim, and if they ARE caught, what then?

A night in jail?

A small fine that they can’t pay anyway because they’re claiming benefits?

They won’t see prison time for the vast majority of cases because our prisons are too full.  And they know this.

They won’t even have to worry about getting their head smashed in with a truncheon, because if our Police dare to actually hurt the poor underprivileged darlings, THEY will be the ones answering to the politicians and losing their jobs in disgrace.


Yeah – they’ll have even more chance of continuing their life on the dole, because they’ve burnt down even more of the businesses that couldn’t hire them in the first place, and now their cousin is also on the dole because they burnt down the JJB Sports store that employed them.


In the meantime, us – the REAL people – will be paying higher taxes to foot the bill as usual.

I’m scared.  They don’t give a shit – because it’s people like ME who will suffer any consequences from all this, and not them.

And don’t try and tell me this shit that these poor youths had nothing to do because they never had a Youth Club and Arts Centre, or a skateboard park to break them out of the rut.  THEY made their choices in life – just like I did without having any of those things myself.

Get a grip, people, and put the blame where it’s deserved for once, rather than the politically fucking correct option.

4 thoughts on “Consequences Of The UK Street Riots

    • LOL it doesn’t surprise me at all! They don’t seem to be the cleverest people doing the rioting…

      On a related note, I never knew there was a UK Craiglist??? I thought that was just a ‘Merkin thing for finding creepy roomates and stuff?

  1. It makes me want to vomit and poke their eyes with a hot poker when I hear them bleet how they have nothing to look forward to. I can understand many come from utterly desperate families but the reality is that the authorities do try to get them to school and involved in their futures but short of chaining them to the desk they commonly don’t want to participate in social behaviour. Also! how dare they say they have nothing when I see them in the latest crappy designer gear, mobile phones etc and I have spent many times in charity shops and I have ALWAYS worked (even during my summer holiday between school and college I found a shitty full time job which was hateful. In fact most of my jobs were awful but they paid the bills. GRRR and I do apologise for agreeing with you because I know you love a full on debate 😉

    • Politicians have absolutely no idea of the real world. They think having a youth club will stop kids getting into trouble??? It seems to be their answer to everything. Some crappy youth club, probably run by weirdy Christians that no fkr in their right mind would ever use anyway!

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