London And Birmingham Riots – YOU DON’T SCARE ME, SON!

London And Birmingham Riots – YOU DON’T SCARE ME, SON!

Well it was only a matter of time.

The Government has been fucking us all over for so long now, life as we knew it is dying or long dead, and at last the over-taxed masses have risen up to overthrow the Government and the namby-pamby do-good PC cunts.

Wait… what?!?

People are rioting because someone in London got shot???

You have GOT to be shitting me?!  Oh, I see – so the Police shot them, rather than another Londoner.

So at last people get off their asses, and then it turns out it’s just a bunch of dole-dossing ‘gangster’ scummy teens smashing shit up for the Hell of it?  What a waste…

At least Boris Johnson is returning from his holidays to be with us in the UK.  Hallelujah!  We’re saved!

From what I’ve seen on the news footage, all the Police are standing around in lines, sort-of… not doing anything.  And then occasionally they drop back a bit to let the rioters burn down a JJB Sports store.

And I saw a Greggs on fire!  Holy shit – thousands of toddlers will starve to death without their pasty as their Mummy and Daddy drag them down to collect their Job Seekers Allowance!

We’ve been turned into a nation of pussies.

The Police are all too terrified to try stopping the rioters in case they accidentally hurt them.  WTF?

Give the power back to the Police totally.  The only people on the streets at the moment are the scum who are rioting.  Let the Police shoot the fuckers and beat the shit out of the rest with absolutely no fear of having any charges brought against them afterwards.  Just for once.  If the filthy criminals don’t learn to respect them then they might actually start to fear them a little!

THAT will sort this shitstain of a country out.

It’s either that or we take off and nuke the whole place from orbit… It’s the only way to be sure…


I know some will say I’m a heartless bastard, and there ARE good reasons for the rioting… to them I’ll ask one simple question:

Just what exactly did Greggs the bakers do to any of the rioters to give them direct reason to smash, loot and torch the shop?  And all the other innocent victims?  Fuck your ‘reasons’.

14 thoughts on “London And Birmingham Riots – YOU DON’T SCARE ME, SON!

  1. I just lost my worthy comment 😦 so, (because I am tired now) blah blah blah…. I totally agree … I dont mean to be flippan, people have lost homes and businesses, vehicles, livelihoods. My laptop got hacked and the arseholes evene posted a page up saying “you have been hacked”. WHY? I hate lazy good for nothing shites…. WORK!

    • If you’e going to attack anyone why businesses and houses that have no involvement at all? This isn’t any kind of political or racial or any other statement – this is just rioting and looting because we can’t do a fucking thing to stop them or even scare them into thinking they should stop!

      And you got hacked?!?

  2. The news of the riots has gone around the world, and is vying for first place in the headlines with the news of the U.S. credit rating downgrade.

    What we’re hearing over here is that these are loosely organized youth, generally the children of parents who have never been employed, looking for an excuse to go on a rampage. I think the cops are holding back not out of fear of hurting someone so much as out of a fear of getting hurt themselves. Mobs can form a hive mentality which can be pretty brutal. We saw that during the G20 meetings here in Toronto.

    Frankly, I predict we’re going to see much more of this happening in various countries as the year progresses. Probably chiefly in Greece and France (the latter of which is known for this type of thing, generally every summer if I’m not mistaken).

    It’s just a shame that hard-working people have to be dragged down with it all.

    • LOL I’m pretty impressed to see them sum the rioters up like that! Over here they’re reported as being ‘impoverished youths who haven’t had the right opportunities in life’.

      I’d love to see someone point out that these ‘paupers’ are all wearing designer clothing and communicating on Blackberry phones that I couldn’t even afford! Hmm…

      Our Police have absolutely no powers – other than to arrest them… in which case they’d get a small fine (they can’t pay anyway) then let go with a slap on the wrist because all the prisons are full.

      Where are all the Rodney King-type Police when you NEED them??

  3. I agree with Wolf – more riots are in order.

    We get some riots in Portland and Seattle by the anarchists. “We have government! We don’t need no rules! We don’t need no organization! SMASH! Let’s form a group! SMASH! Let’s get organized and SMASH stuff! Wait….”

    • Oh I agree – a good riot can make the world of difference. But you have to have a proper cause.

      These idiots seem to be fighting for, umm… “Free mobile phones and designer clothes, innit!”. And a chance to prove how ‘hard’ they are in a group of 30 of their mates against Police.

  4. I totally agree – shoot the fuckers. I am sick to death of seeing these dirty little scum bags taking the piss out of our country and the police. If I was in charge I would send in the army make sure at least a few hundred looters were shot dead and give everyone arrested 10 years in prison minimum and if anyone arrested is under the age of 18, send the parents to prison. We all know the government is too pussy to do it though. So we should do what all these scum bags fear most… take away their dole money and make them work – if its a kid – take the parents dole money. I can guarantee it would all be over in a minute. Fucking work shy motherfucking scum bags.

    • I have to agree. The Government has spent so long trying to take the soft approach to everything that it’s just a matter of time until human nature takes over and it swings back to the other extreme.

      They have no respect for us or the authorities because they’ve got nothing to be scared of. Seeing a few hoodies hit the deck with bullet holes in them should put the shits right up them – as would taking away their free money bonuses- err, I mean ‘benefits’.

  5. I completly agree with everything you’ve said. I’m all for standing up for peoples rights, ensuring police don’t victimise people etc, blah blah but I think once someone has obviously broken the law they waive their human rights and the police should be free to beat them, shoot them, whatever it takes to make them respect the law. My father used to be a complete hardass on me when I played up as a child including the occasional whack across the head/backside and years later I respect him for it because it made me the person I am today.

    • Same for me! The namby-pamby approach doesn’t work because people just abuse it once they learn there are no real consequences of breaking the rules. Occasionally, to keep order, you have to harden the fuck up!

  6. These chav scum don’t know what they riot for – they are interested only in themselves and what they perceive as inequality. Sad truth is that the majority of them will always be unequal. Namely, because they are retarded, inbred, inadequate, useless shit. They know that. The frustration at the situation they are in is of their own making, and the fault of their parents. Dig a deep, deep hole, line them up, shoot them in the head and let them fall in. Cover them over and turf it. And can anyone explain why these fucking morons seem to have chronic arthritis in their hands? Fingers pointing every which way. Is it coz they iz gangsta, innit? I point my finger at them and condemn them. I would also happily put my finger on the trigger and pull. I should be judge, jury and executioner.

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