You Have The Power To Make Or Break Someone’s Day!

You Have The Power To Make Or Break Someone’s Day!

Years ago, when I stopped being quite so much of an Evil Misanthrope, and started to get into the idea of Karma and being humble and selfless, something great struck me.

I have the power to make or break someone’s entire day – sometimes with as little as a simple word or gesture.

Thinking back, it’s something I’ve always known, I just never noticed it so much.  I can certainly remember when I was young and would walk around the paddock at race circuits, just how good it would feel to have one of the top drivers talk to me.  Or talking to the ‘groupies’ (there weren’t many) I had when I was doing martial arts competitions, playing/singing in bands, and playing US Football.

The most common example of this these days, is that most little kids are fascinated by bikers.

When I’m in full leathers on a big flashy sportsbike, it evokes images of Knights/Spacemen/Alien Warriors in children.  I know this because I used to be the same – and this was before the days of ultra-modern race-replica stuff that’s common today!

I can be walking around a supermarket buying fresh chili and Red Bull, and there’ll be a toddler staring at me in absolute awe!  I could get pissed off with this – especially stood in the checkout line with some little shit staring open-mouthed at me… I choose not to.  I’ll smile and be happy and courteous, even if I’m in a foul mood.

Not long ago, I was riding in heavy traffic and passed a kid riding a cycle on the path at the side of the road.  As I came to a stop I did my customary double-blip on the throttle as I changed down through the gears.  As he rode alongside me, I heard him mimic it and pretend to twist his handlebar grip like he was revving.  So what was I to do?  I’m still a kid at heart, and I revved the engine again for him!

He loved it!  He rode on with a huge grin on his face, and that got even bigger when I pulled away again giving it even more revs!

But we should do this kind of thing more, even to people in the street – say “Hi!” to them, or strike up a conversation with that old lady at the bus stop.  It’s great to see their face light up, and knowing they’ll be thinking “What a nice man” on their way home that day.

Maybe they’ve had a shitty day, and were starting to doubt humanity – and you’ve just made them smile and given them hope again?  I know random strangers have done that for me before!

The tiniest acts of your kindness can make someone’s whole day.

A while back I did a blog about when I was in Scruffy Murphy’s, and met one of my musical hero’s (Jeff Walker from Carcass) for the first time in the flesh.  At the end of that night, before he left, he came and shook my hand and said goodbye!  That was sooo fucking cool!  I still smile about it when I think about it now – and what was it really to him?  Absolutely nothing!

I’m a big fan of what I like to call ‘Random Acts Of Senseless Kindness’.  Every so often, I’ll do something for someone, or go out of my way just to do something… well, NICE!

One of my friends fought hard to get hold of a ‘Terrible Towel’ from the Pittsburg Steelers.  At one game, he simply gave it away to some random kid, because it made him happy!

When’s the last time you did anything like that?

When’s the last time anyone did anything like that for you?

4 thoughts on “You Have The Power To Make Or Break Someone’s Day!

  1. The older you get the more you do this (unless you are a complete tosser). During my punk years (77-79) I was obnoxious because I thought it was cool. Yuck! Speaking personally its because as the years pass I have had some shitty things to deal with (the worst being the loss of parents). So how were the days leading up to their deaths and after? CRAP! and I probably ignored people, forgot pleases and thank you’s, snapped at strangers, ignored friends and looked like a tramp. I try to remember this when someone isn’t acting how I would expect them to…. maybe they had something tragic to deal with or maybe their pathetic smile is because their boss will sack them unless they wish me a “good day”. I guess it’s not trying to judge a book by its cover. Where this leads me is that … yeah you can make or break someones day.

    • True – they can always have a reason for it…

      I find it strange how the default setting for people seems to be ‘Miserable’, though. As if not many people even try to enjoy life, and just plod through it as best they can…

  2. I love what you’ve both written…it’s too easy to think all this lovely time we have is endless, and waste it dwelling on the unimportant stuff. I love life, and try and squeeze every last bit of goodness out of it, and be as kind and as friendly to people I meet. Who knows, those people might then be inspired to do the same to others, and so the smiles spread…
    It’s also easy to miss when someone is genuinely unhappy, and blame them for being a misery guts…perhaps they’d just like someone to share it with, or someone to tell them ‘hey, it’s OK to feel that way’
    A friend of mine has a motto that I really think sums it up…’it’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice’
    Nice words, people xx

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