How To Win Any Fight (without even hitting them!)

How To Win Any Fight (without even hitting them!)

Something for the weekend here!

I’m sure all of you are aware of the thousands of different Martial Arts that are being taught.

A question I’m often asked, is “which is the best for real self defence?”.

The simple answer to this is that it’s any style which ADAPTS to whatever the threat is, your surroundings, and YOUR natural reactions and ability.

Ninjitsu, Krav Magar, Russian Systema, and a few other military styles fit this bill – but even then it depends on who the instructor is and how well they understand this concept themselves!

Muay Thai Kickboxing is another great style that does work on the streets.  Doing it properly, you WILL get yourself bopped in the snout.  This is good in that you’ll learn how to get hit and still be able to fight back – but bad in that you’ll be getting hit!

But there are, essentially, a few very simple moves that anyone can use against any attacker, and they are natural, work almost every time, and will hugely boost your chances of beating even a much more skilled and stronger opponent.

Most of this is in simplicity.

You can spend 40 years locked away in a monastry, learning beautifully skilled, near-impossible techniques, and then some drunk Nob-head in the pub will knock you out with a big swinging hoofer of a punch.

How did that happen?

Because your body, under real pressure when some little yob was yelling at you and spitting in your face, decided all it wanted to do was curl up on the floor and have a quick poo.

Dealing with the fear of a fight is a whole other matter for another day – but for now I’ll tell you probably the best move you can do that you won’t even have to learn.

OK, so someone is about to punch you in the head.

Aside from pulling a stupid face, what does your body want you to do?

You want to put your hands/arms up and cover your face, right?


So bollocks to all these fancy blocks, or moving your head so the punch just misses – GET YOURSELF COVERED UP!!!

Now hold it there!  Have a look at yourself.

Those filthy great big elbows sticking out are probably the 2nd best natural weapons that you have.

If someone were to punch that elbow, there is every chance that they will break their fingers or even shatter their hand.  If that happens, the fight will go right out of them!  Nobody wants to carry on punching with a broken hand!

How easy is that?  You’ve just won a fight and it was THEM who hit YOU!

Of course, it needs a bit of tweaking to make it reliable, but you’ve just done exactly what your natural instincts told you to do, and at the same time done what is known as a Devastation Technique – something which damages your opponent in a way that destroys their hand and makes it impossible to use.

It’s not as effective against hook-punches as it is against straight ones, but does still work.  Also, if you’re on the ground and someone is trying to boot you in the head, if you can do this and stick your elbows out so that it hits their shins, you can do severe damage to their leg and even break it.

In the unlikely situation that they’re trying to kick you below the waist, you do pretty much the same thing using the point of your knee – that is, the knobbly bone just below your kneecap that is actually the top of your shin bone.  Try and raise that so when they kick, that point connects with their shins.

If they’re kicking above waist height, then use the point of your elbow to get in the way.

There aren’t many people that will teach you this – and there are even fewer who will be able to fight against it…

5 thoughts on “How To Win Any Fight (without even hitting them!)

  1. Protect….then elbows….then knees.

    Got it.

    And thank you. Never took any martial arts but had been considering it, just for safety’s sake (and because there was a big and hefty guy who was clearly nuts, who took a dislike to me and was about to clean my clock – except that I inadvertently signalled that I had something other than my hand in my coat pocket. Whereupon he fled. Lucky me).

    • Is ‘clean my clock’ prison slang? 😀

      The real secret to martial arts is to keep it as simple as you possibly can, and don’t fight your bodies natural instincts. If you can learn how to fight in 30 minutes, that’s much better for your survival than spending 30 years on the finer points. Of course, there’s no substitute for pressure training or at least sparring with someone else….

      The real problem in most street fights will be when they stat the fight with words or posture. You can easily lose the fight there before any punch is thrown, if fear gets a hold of you.

      • You’re absolutely right! With this guy it was al about posture. He didn’t say anything – just gave the old glare and curled upper lip. Then he rolled up a piece of paper and flicked at me as we road a crowded escalator from the subway station. I knew not to show fear or look down or away – because that would have signalled weakness – and it would have confirmed that I was an easy target. So I kept looking at him in the eyes. For some strange reason (I’ve written about this before) I had an impulse to put one hand into the pocket of my coat, while looking at him. His eyes flickered to my hand, and then he turned and made a beeline once he got to the top of the escalator.

        I in turn went down the other escalator and got right back on the subway train and left. Just in case.

        • You did exactly the right thing by leaving!

          I’ve seen similar showdowns in a pub, and then both parties stay in the same pub for the rest of the night – only to get a pint glass in the back of thier head later on when the other bloke has got a bit more Dutch courage inside them. All you have to do is walk away when you get the chance and that’s job jobbed.

          Putting your hand inside a jacket on these gunless shores would just make them think you’re doing a Napolean impression. Come to think of it that still might work!

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