FckMeHardRichard1 : hey

FckMeHardRichard1 : asl?

MrFiction : pig off, Boney

FckMeHardRichard1 : excuse me?

MrFiction : you heard me, you goat-faced quimbag

FckMeHardRichard1 : do I know u?

MrFiction : yeah – i’m stood behind you!!!!!!!

FckMeHardRichard1 : ? this is a chick, I hope u don’t think I am a guy

MrFiction : well…

MrFiction : you DO have the name Richard….

MrFiction : i once met a girl like that

MrFiction : and she had….. you know…… lumps

FckMeHardRichard1 : yeah, it’s telling a guy to fuck me, unless I was gay that don’t make sense

MrFiction : i’d still feel quite gay if we made a go of things and i ended up saying “I love you FuckMeRichard”

MrFiction : do you see??

FckMeHardRichard1 : k, i’m not a guy, i’m a chick

MrFiction : like Foghorn Leghorn?

FckMeHardRichard1 : ur something.

FckMeHardRichard1 : am I at least going to get an age out of u?

MrFiction : iron

MrFiction : do i win a monkey?

FckMeHardRichard1 : u know I can get nasty to if u want me to

MrFiction : is he a female too??

MrFiction : i’ll just speak to you, if that’s ok?

FckMeHardRichard1 : do you still think I am a guy

MrFiction : no Richard

FckMeHardRichard1 : well, just so ya know my name is Melanie

MrFiction : FuckMeHardMelanie?

FckMeHardRichard1 : why are u in a chat room if all u are going to do is attempt to insult ppl?

MrFiction : perhaps i’m a Professional Insulter?

MrFiction : you’d feel silly then, wouldn’t you?

FckMeHardRichard1 : actually I don’t really give a fuck.

FckMeHardRichard1 : i’ll probly never meet u so why would I care.

MrFiction : well that’s not the attitude to take, young lady!!

FckMeHardRichard1 : well fuck you, i’m not a fucking lil girl like u think I am

FckMeHardRichard1 : what r u sexist or a male chovonist pig?

MrFiction : i don’t think this convo is an ideal base for arranging a meeting

MrFiction : what’s worse than a Male Chauvenist Pig???

MrFiction : a woman who won’t do what she’s told

MrFiction :

FckMeHardRichard1 : maybe the woman won’t do what she’s told because the “man” doesn’t know what he asking

MrFiction : female chauvenist pig!!!!

FckMeHardRichard1 : all I have to say is your gonna be sorry someday if u ever realize who I am

MrFiction : are you Tony Blair????

MrFiction : cause you tried this last week

FckMeHardRichard1 : what the hell, I haven’t been in this chatroom for over 2 weeks

MrFiction : that’s a long time in chat terms…

FckMeHardRichard1 : u obviously have me mistaken for someone else, but thats not suprising that u can’t contain that much information in your brain

FckMeHardRichard1 : oops did I say brain? my mistake, you don’t have one!

MrFiction : it’s only the size of a small honey-melon, you know

MrFiction : softer though

MrFiction : more like a rotten trout, really…

FckMeHardRichard1 : ye, and we only use less then half of it

FckMeHardRichard1 : whats ur point

MrFiction : i don’t know – perhaps i’m getting started early on being sorry for realising who you are?

FckMeHardRichard1 : man, your such a fuckig cunt

MrFiction :

FckMeHardRichard1 : what r u, american?

MrFiction : LANGUAGE!!!!!

FckMeHardRichard1 : sorry I didn’t realize u were Mrs.Virgin Ears

MrFiction : i don’t mnd the “cunt” – but calling me “American”????

MrFiction : that’s harsh

MrFiction : so who are you, then???

MrFiction : hmm??

FckMeHardRichard1 : actually, i’d rather not tell u

MrFiction : why’s that?

FckMeHardRichard1 : now that u have made such a big deal about thinking I am some guy u have problem with

FckMeHardRichard1 : he ur ex boyfriend or something?

MrFiction : Tony?

MrFiction : no – he’s a Prime Minister

FckMeHardRichard1 : what the fuck, I already told you, my name is Melanie, but I guess ur incapable of remembering that too

MrFiction : but after that you said i’d be sorry when i realise who you are

MrFiction : see?? I listened, i did!!

FckMeHardRichard1 : yeah, I never told u my last name either did I

MrFiction : Sykes???

MrFiction : i LOVE you!!!!!!!

FckMeHardRichard1 : a first name means nothing, i’m just trying to make u realize that I am not a fucknig guy u probly slept with an then he never called u back….

MrFiction : (well – you were better withe long hair)

MrFiction : how’s Des?

FckMeHardRichard1 : Des? wtf

MrFiction : i thought you were Mel??

FckMeHardRichard1 : Melanie

MrFiction : Sykes*

FckMeHardRichard1 : who the fuck is Des

MrFiction : i dunno – some old crooner….. Lynham, is it??

FckMeHardRichard1 : I don’t know who the fuck u are talknig about

FckMeHardRichard1 : ur probly some sad skitso takin about urself

MrFiction : no….. i’m not called Des….

FckMeHardRichard1 : I don’t fucking care what u call urself

MrFiction : oooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!

MrFiction : you did earlier….

FckMeHardRichard1 : have u clicked in yet that I am not a guy and my name is not richard?

MrFiction : ye Tony

FckMeHardRichard1 : did as in the past tense

FckMeHardRichard1 : tony as in another guy?

MrFiction : no – he’s female too

FckMeHardRichard1 : man ur fucking hopless

FckMeHardRichard1 : I really wish you lived in the same town as me, I could get so many ppl after you

FckMeHardRichard1 : I wouldn’t even be sorry when it was ove

MrFiction : why??

FckMeHardRichard1 : over*

MrFiction : *overy

FckMeHardRichard1 : what the fuck? Overy?

MrFiction : it’s where they keep birds

MrFiction : i think

FckMeHardRichard1 : yes yes, of course you think, only cuz you don’t know anything!

MrFiction : i don’t understand

MrFiction : you’re male?

FckMeHardRichard1 : of course you don’t understand

FckMeHardRichard1 : I am a fucking female, not a fucking male, but your probly a trans so u don’t know the difference

MrFiction : so you don’t fuck males??

MrFiction : lesbian?

MrFiction : this is sooooo complicated!

FckMeHardRichard1 : i’m a fucking female who fucks guys because I am fucking straight

MrFiction : so is Richard a lesbian?

FckMeHardRichard1 : you know what, that was along time ago, richartd is a fucking guy, I don’t fucking like him anymore just like I fucking hate you

FckMeHardRichard1 : I have better things to do and I have to go

FckMeHardRichard1 has left the conversation.

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