Murder, She Rode

Murder, She Rode

Everywhere I ride to.

It would make sense if I’d even thought of the damn show or music in the last 20+ years, or if I rode like a granny with a typwriter fetish, but I don’t!  I can be scraping my knees, on full throttle with the front clawing at the air, and all I hear is this:

I thought it was the Miss Marple theme tune for weeks, but it turns out that at least it has a good strong ‘Murder’ in its title.


Is it Angela -ing Lansbury, or something?  I’m scared to find out any more about the whole thing.  In the car I can stick the radio on, but on a bike if you get a tune in your noggin you’re doomed for that journey.  Just you and the tune… and you’ll note this one is only 40-odd seconds long!  That’s a LOT of plays over even a 15 minute journey!

If it was something dramatic, like the Hawaii Five-O theme at least that would liven things up.

Check that shit out!  It makes you think you’re on a mission, rather than on a Missionary!

So why is Murder, She Wrote in my head?  And what stupid crap gets stuck in your head?

2 thoughts on “Murder, She Rode

  1. Having the Murder She Wrote theme song stuck in your head is a certain sign of deep onset insanity. In laymen’s terms: it is to late yo, you are already crazy.

    I don’t have anything in my head. Absolutely nothing.

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