Thoughts To Norway – For A Few Moments, Anyway…

Thoughts To Norway – For A Few Moments, Anyway…

I’m a bit behind with the news.

It’s all either doom & gloom badness, celebrities, propoganda or knee-jerk reactions, so for years now I’ve barely bothered to watch any news – let alone read a paper.  It just makes me mad and ranty.

But this morning I spent a good few hours finding out about the bomb and shootings in Norway.

The bomb was shocking enough, but some man dressed in Police uniform went on a shooting spree on an island filled with children at a Summer camp.

Ninety or more confirmed dead so far.  NINETY.

Whatever statement the gunman was trying to make, I just can’t comprehend him wanting to murder CHILDREN?!  Killing adults, deserving or not, is sick and pointless enough – but why young children who haven’t even been alive long enough to corrupt or adversely affect the World?

Now THAT is real tragedy.

THAT is real news.

Oh, look!  Some druggy bint of a scum-cunt pop singer has died!

That’ll be the end of Norway on the front pages…
***Already all the news channels have cut coverage from Norway in favour of showing picturs of the outside of Amy Winhouse’s house.  For fucks sake, people!  This is why I hate the press.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts To Norway – For A Few Moments, Anyway…

  1. My daughter telephoned me this afternoon “have you heard Amy Winehouse has been found dead?” Me: “yes, its awful” Alice: “… it was her own fault”. I was surprised by her quick succinct response. I then remarked “and how about the awful killings in Norway?” Alice hadnt heard., When I told her she was speechless, she expressed real sadness. Alice doesnt watch the news (I try to keep in touch and watch the evening news but I dont blame Alice for not watching) A friend had text her about Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse had a beautiful voice and superb lyrics. Maybe her death will save some kid who looked up to her.

    • I think it’ll do the opposite, and even more people will want to be like her, because she was ‘cool’. Or they’ll just remember that she was a good singer and gloss over all the rest of her life, and make her a role model. Bah!

      • Hummmm Mister Fancy Pants… I think I have to agree with you here. Looking at the past… history seems to be repeating itself here.

        And as for the Norway I just heard about it from your blog. I too do not watch, listen or read the news as I find it too depressing. Mainly because I spend most of my year in China and just really cannot be bothered to find out about it. I shall return to read more!!!!


        • Thanks! Depressing is definitely the right word for your average ‘news’ story. I think they like to keep us all living in fear so Governments can pretty much do what they want and claim it’s to keep us safe.

          Err… has anyone seen my tin foil hat anywhere?

  2. LOL!!! Tin Man indeed!!! But the “State of Fear” novel might be a good read for you to take a gander at. Made me think even if it is a sci-fi novel. I must dash! I’m still packing! Stop being interesting.

    • Alriiiight! If you think China is more important than me!


      I was sounding worryingly like the Conspiracy Theorists I have to deal with on a daily basis there, so it’d probably be a bad idea go reading stuff like that lol!

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