Housing Benefit Rant

Housing Benefit Rant

I just glanced at the front of a local paper to see that there’s uproar because the Government is going to start paying out less for Housing Benefit.

They cry that it’s the worst possible time, with everyone already facing hardships, and it could make up to 500 claimants in Bromsgrove homeless – at great cost to society.

Utter bastards.  Yet again we’re being fkd over by the Government!!



Hang on a second…

I had a look in the article at the actual figures involved here…

It seems at present, Mr Johnny Doledosser can claim £250 in housing benefit for a one bedroom house, up to £400 for a bedroom home.  The cuts will mean Mr Doledosser will be out of pocket by over £400 per year for the one bedroom home, and over £1000 for his five bed mansion.

Those figures aren’t per month – they’re PER WEEK!!!


Just to put that into perspective, I live in a three bedroom house where we pay £600 per month.  Yes – PER MONTH.

So by my reckoning, Mr Doledosser will, even after these ‘huge life threatening cuts’, still be getting paid more per month than I do for living in his one bedroom shed.

I shouldn’t care, anyway, because when I was made redundant I was refused a single penny of housing benefit whilst I was out of work and looking for a job.  The reason being that I’d worked all my life.

Which is a shame, because it seems that I’d have been able to pay my landlord all the rent AND still be bringing in more money than I am now working a full time job.

It strikes me that if I blow all my money on canabis resin, tracksuits and pit bull terriers, I can then jack in my job and earn a lot more money than I do now just in housing benefit.  Then claim all the other benefits that aren’t purely supposed to pay your rent on top.

Is it just me that thinks there’s something very Wrong here?


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