From Video Games To The Track…

From Video Games To The Track…

So I booked the track day on the Donington Park GP circuit!

First ever time on track, all on my lonesome, and I also decided to hire a bike I’d never even sat on before to do it on!  My thoughts turned to trying to make things easier for me…

I’ve heard many time of top racing drivers/riders who have learned tracks from video games before they got there.  If it was good enough for Rossi, then it’d be good enough for me!

I looked around to find the latest with Donington GP on was ‘SBK 09’ on the Xbox 360.  I’d played Donington lots of times before on older games, so knew it roughly, and of course I’ve spectated there loads of times.  The game was late ariving, so I rented a copy and got stuck in over the weekend…

Good job, too!  There were a couple of corners on the older games that were nothing at all like the ones on SBK!  Mainly because they were a shitload sharper!

I posted on a few forums asking how much it was possible to learn from a game and got very mixed answers.  I figured at worst I’d get to know if the next corner was going to go left or right.  Or I’d find a 1st gear chicane in the middle of what I thought was a 6th gear straight!

I played quite a bit over the weekend, and to be honest it was a bit scary because even trying to play it as if I was going to get hurt I still went off the track and awful lot of times.  Ah.

What was I doing a track day for?  Had I made a mistake?

I also planned to ride my bike to the circuit and back, so if I killed the hire bike there was a good chance I wouldn’t be able to get my bike home on my crippled-ass broken legs and sticky-out-boned arms.

I have a problem with Red Mist, and whatever I try and tell myself, if someone overtakes me quickly I WILL give chase and see if I can beat them!

How would it work out?



This morning I headed off to Donington Park at 06:15am to do something I’ve wanted to all my life, and now feared more than a little, and maybe was even beginning to regret booking…

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