How To Tear Out A Mans Throat

How To Tear Out A Mans Throat

Back when I was a young whipper-snapper at the early stages of my journey into the Martial Arts, one of the first ‘essential’ moves I felt I needed in my arsenal was to be able to rip the throat out of my victim.

This probably had as much to do with watching Patrick Swayze in the film ‘Road House’ than it did with the teachings and philosophies of Shotokan Karate.

It did switch me on to the fact that there are certain moves you can do which will end a fight very quickly.  Luckily I never had the opportunity to tear anyone’s throat out – which may have been hard to explain away as ‘reasonable force’.

The next move I practiced lots, as I got into what I call Destruction Techniques, was to grab the opponents hair, yanking their head back, and then slamming your fist down like a hammer onto their upturned face.  A proper power technique – which unfortunately means it will fail most of the time unless you’re fighting a smaller and weaker opponent.  I had one opportunity to try it in a real fight, and it failed as I couldn’t pull their head back enough ready for the smash.

I think it was probably this ‘real world’ experience that took me to the next level.  I wanted stuff that worked.

Not only that, I wanted stuff that worked against stronger people.  Stuff that worked when I was injured or losing, or just had one chance and one single shot.

Unsurprisingly, here started the time when I drifted into Muay Thai kickboxing and Ninjitsu (and later still, Russian Systema).  Both arts have techniques tried and tested to work, and don’t shroud it all in useless bullshit that you need to spend sixteen years in a horse-riding stance to learn.

Muay Thai taught me how utterly devastating a strike from an elbow can be.  I learnt how to use my knees to full power to cripple someone in a single and often invisible strike.

Ninjutsu opened my mind to body mechanics and how you can use the movements of an opponents own body against him.

My go-to move became the now well-known strike with the heel of your palm to the nose of your opponent.  Except I knew that you don’t do that – you strike the pressure point just below the nose upwards at 45 degrees.  Either that or the Tiger Claw strike using your foreknuckles to the throat, knee, nose etc…

Then I learnt the joys of incapacitating someone by using strikes that were unexpected and not to the obvious places – the sword kick (sweeping motion utilising the edge of modern footwear to their inner shin), stupidly easy joint manipulations to escape any hold, using misdirection so they don’t even know how they got hit or what by.  Kino Mutai – the art of biting.  How to make someone injure themselves when they try to strike you.  The list is endless and I’m still learning.

The really surprising thing is how easy all this stuff is.  To do and to learn.  And that’s what also makes it so scary – to think someone half your size may also know this stuff does a great job of persuading you not to go around starting fights!

In short, I know a lot of nasty ways to take someone out or even kill them, and whilst I’ll still always prefer to lose face and walk away from a fight (unless I genuinely can’t avoid it), there will always be a little part of me wondering… what if…

That’s the part of me that will end up in jail forever, though.

20 thoughts on “How To Tear Out A Mans Throat

  1. “…and don’t shroud it all in useless bullshit that you need to spend sixteen years in a horse-riding stance to learn…” self defence meets yoga!

    “Except I knew that you don’t do that – you strike the pressure point just below the nose upwards at 45 degrees..” … Isnt that when the nose bone stabs the brain?

    “That’s the part of me that will end up in jail forever, though”… rather than dead or worse..incapable.

    • I’m trying my first email reply here, so if this all goes to badgers nipples that’s why… Stabbing the brain with the nose bone can be a useful side-effect, but the pressure point alone should cause an instant knockout. Even if both of these fail it will cause a lot of shock and stop most attackers in their tracks, and often as good as blind them while you make your escape. Or rip their throat out. A wise man once said it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6… They probably hadn’t even met the CPS back then, either!

    • It’s amazing that you ‘Merkins ever bothered to learn any martial arts! I mean, even Biggy said “Instead of a Mack-10 he tried scrappin’ slugs in his back ‘n that’s what the fork’s happ’nin’!”. I don’t really understand that, or why garden-dwelling creatures are involved (maybe they were on one of the hoes?), but it does strike me at a primal level as a warning against trying to Mawashi-geri anyone with a boom-stick.

  2. I too was fascinated by the kills moves in my youth. I attended a mixed-martial arts class taught by my neighbor’s tough, cigarette-smoking mother who was famous for getting disqualified in tournaments for bloody face kicks. Cool. At 15, I believed I should know every death-dealer move there was. I even invented some. Unfortunately, I have not maintained a practice routine. So now, if faced by the threat of violence, I must choose between Karunawayfasta, HiyaKickaYoBalls, or just pull out my Glock 9mm and put a cap in yo. Thas howz I rollz. G.

  3. I prefer to just use a knife and stab someone in the throat, I find after that they never get another hit on me.

    The inner elbow works too, as does the ‘common’ move on the chest, I personally find it a bit plain jane, and enjoy the blood of my enemies squirting into every crevice and wrinkle of my flesh.

    However going for a stab and twist in the intestines can be great, the feeling you get when you see your opponent lying on the floor with their guts in their hands..

    Oh all the choices, Were spoilt rotten.

    On a serious note, I’ve done Karate, Jujitsu and Capoeira, the last martial art I did was Jujitsu where my instructor lifted my body off the ground by my wrist, twisted it and then did an elbow to the solar plexus, since then my wrist has been permanently damaged and has grown an intrusive ganglion cyst. Probably should have sued.

    • LOL I was reading that thinking “OK – nutter alert”! – either that or one of my former colleagues! 😀
      It’s annoying that some instructors feel the need to do things like that. It doesn’t exactly make you want to go back again! The last time I went to a Systema class the instructor got me on the floor and put his Super-Duper Wrist Lock on me – except my wrists are quite double jointed, so I laughed and everyone else but him laughed. Then he did his best to twist my head off, which damaged my neck a bit…
      It’s all about their ego with a lot of them.

  4. I’m a 45 year old man who has been awestruck over martial arts since I was 12. I was always an aggressive fighter, not an instigator but in self defense. I’m 6ft3in and I weigh 240lbs, is there a smooth effective art I can learn in less than a lifetime lol

    • With your size, the best art you can learn is how to avoid a fight situation – because you’ll always been seen as the ‘bad guy’ against smaller opponents!
      A military system like Systema or Krav Magar would hone your skills to your natural reactions, and having liked martial arts since you were 12 you MUST have picked up a few things along the way?

  5. first of all there is no bone in the nose-it is cartilage-and no it will not go to your brain. that is movie bullshit.
    there is a nerve under your nose. for me it has never affected will make your eyes water and you will get 2 black what. its not debilitatating. here is what is-thumbs to the eyes until they are mash and if you hit hard enough your fingers will go through the thin part of bone behind your now nonexistent eyeballs through to the brain.
    hit the throat and guess what give it about 30 seconds or so and their throat will swell up to the point they cant breath.
    here is truth

    • The nasal septum IS a bone, and I don’t believe I mentioned using it to stab your brain? It’s a devastating strike on its own.

      Eye pokes have their place, but also the down-sides of breaking your own fingers or leaving yourself open to strikes/stabs etc. You’re also properly fucked in the eyes of the law, because it’s hard to prove your intention wasn’t to maim…

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