Removing The Time/Date Stamp – Veho Muvi HD Cameras

Removing The Time/Date Stamp – Veho Muvi HD Cameras

Some of you may have seen on one of my previous blogs a comment was posted linking to YouTube where someone explained how to get rid of the time/date stamp on a VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+ and VCC-005-MUVI-HD7 camera.

I’d had a good look around the camera options, and even read the manual, but somehow missed this!  I guess I just figured it was the same old story as the smaller Muvi cameras and it was just tough titty as far as removing the stamp went.  Well apologies to Veho, and I’m very happy to say I was wrong, and they HAVE addressed this issue which almost every user found to be a major bad point.

Here’s how to do it:

1.  Switch the camera on.

2.  Using the touch buttons on the back of the camera on the display screen, tap the ‘M’ sign to bring up the main menu.

3.  Press the ‘>’ button twice to take you to the ‘Setup’ screen.

4.  Press the ‘-‘ sign to scroll down the menu right to the bottom (7 times on the HD10+), or the ‘+’ sign once, and the ‘Date/Time’ option should be highlighted.

5.  Click the round middle button to go into this option and press ‘-‘ again to get to the bottom where there is a box.

6.  This box says whether or not you want the stamp displayed.  If there is an ‘x’ in this box, press the round middle button once to tell the camera not to use the time/date stamp.

7.  If the box has a tick in it, that means it ISN’T displaying the time/date stamp, so leave it alone!  Unless you want to turn it back on again, of course.

8.  To check this, touch the ‘M’ sign twice to go back out of the menus and back to the camera display, and you should see that the infamous time/date stamp is now gone!

Thanks to Oox for your comment (I’d link to you if you had a link!) drawing my attention to this, and I hope others see this and word gets around.

35 thoughts on “Removing The Time/Date Stamp – Veho Muvi HD Cameras

  1. I tried this procedure and it doesn’t work for me. The box has a check mark in it, nothing I do changes it to an X, AND the date/time stamp is still always inserted.

    • I’ve just tried this again on mine and it’s doing the same as yours! If I click on the tick it beeps and goes back out the menu, but the date stamp is still on the video… Hmm. I’m not sure what I’ve changed to make it not work, but I’ll try and figure it out.

      • Did you ever get to the bottom of the date stamp removal mystery? I have the uneditable tickbox in the date/time setup menu on my HD7 and I’d love to remove the stamp somehow.

        • Ash, as I mentioned above, I had to send my camera back to Veho. I don’t know if they just updated the software, or replaced the whole camera, but it worked after they had done whatever they did. I can only suggest you drop them a line.

          Let us know how you get on!


          • Thanks for your replies chaps! Tim, I had seen your post and have already emailed Veho asking for a solution. Thought I’d ask in case Nasty had found a way to make his display disappear like it apparently did the first time. I’ll let you know what happens.

            • The time/date thing is just ticked every time I go into the menu. If I click to untick it, it spits me back to the main menu, but doesn’t actually change the setting. It definitely DID work the first time I did it, so not sure what happened after that… 😦

              • As you know, I wrote an email to Veho last week. This is what I said:

                Dear Veho,
                I have never been able to remove the date stamp on my Veho Muvi VCC-005-MUVI-HD7. The date/time setup page has a checkbox, but I am unable to deselect this option.
                Now that I am getting into editing my videos, this is a real problem. Is there any solution or workaround?
                Today I got this reply:

                Hi Ash,

                If you are unable to deselect the time stamp option, unfortunately you appear to have an older version of our camera where the timestamp cannot be removed. Unfortunately, there is no software upgrade we can provide to remove the timestamp. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

                Kind regards,

                Technical Advisor



                Support page:

  2. I’ve just bought one of these cameras and have been trying to get shot of the time/date stamp, but no luck; I reckon the software has been ‘improved’, perhaps to help the Police with incriminating footage! Presumably, they perhaps thought, anyone stupid enough to film themselves breaking a speed limit with their speedo in full camera view, will also be too stupid to set a bogus time and date on their camera… Veho do mention the time samp is a permenant feature on some of their other cameras, so maybe you can’t get rid of it. If so, I’d be seriously inclined to try returning it.

  3. With the HD PRO Gumball edition, there is a setting in the SETUP called TIME DISPLAY *(second option in SETUP). Simply select this and select the X. It takes the time/date stamp off the recording. Simples

  4. I have been asked by VEHO to return my camera for a replacement. There most definitely was NOT such a setting in the menus on my camera, so I wonder if we are looking at two versions of the software installed on these devices. I look forward to getting the camera back (or its replacement!), it looked like a neat piece of kit. With a trip to Spain in the planning, I hope I will get it back before we all head for the ferry!


    • My pin reset didn’t change anything, and now mine only ever displays a tick in that box. I may well have a word with them myself and see if they can sort it out. Let me know if whatever they do works!

  5. Hi again, well, I did get my camera back (after only one nudgy e-mail after 2 weeks…) and the menus now have the time stamp removal feature, which I immediately invoked! I don’t know if this was my camera updated, or a completely new item; I only had the original for a day or two! Sooooo, now I’m pleased, got a couple of to work and back vids on the Suzuki, which were fine. I still need to tweak the angle on the helmet to get the view just right, but I’ll get there.

    BUT, I seem to have another BIG problem. the 8 Gb SD micro card which I had in my little Micro camera works in the HD10 just perfectly, although of course doesn’t give a huge amount of time. eBay!!!! 2 SanDisk 32 Gb cards duly arrived, these work OK provided the recording is less than 10 minutes or so, but as soon as I try to record anything longer, the resulting .MOV can’t be played by anything, and any other files already on the disc get rubbished too. I’ve tried both cards in the Micro and they generate perfectly good .AVI files, so I don’t think it is the cards. I’ve tried leaving the camera for 30 minutes after finishing a recording to give it time to sort itself out, but so far no change. I’ve reported this to VEHO, and will let you know what happens. But with my first trip on the Suzuki to Spain in a very short time, this is getting both worrying and irritating. Jeez, by now, we should have stuff that just works, surely…..

    Tim Perry

    • Hmm.. It could be that the camera will only take up to 16GB cards? I’d expect it would be fine with 32gb – what with it being their best and HD etc… I’m still using a few 8gb cards, but was planning to get something bigger…

  6. Further, I just managed to start playing a 20 minute recording, it ran for 20 seconds, then disappeared, with the dreaded red Invalid File across the screen. I’m starting to get really pissed with this…..

    Tim Perry

  7. Oooo, the story continues…. The problem appears to be duff cards. I just checked them both with H2testw ( google it and download, invaluable for checking drives of all sorts) and guess what, they are 1 and 2Gb cards, with the header information hacked to make them look like 32Gb ones, and the printed data on the outside re-done. Bastards!!! Anyway, seller on eBay is refunding me, I’m getting some more through Amazon which apparently is more reliable. eBay is flooded with these fake cards, so learn from my foolishness.

    Ran the camera on the Suzuki from Frasers in Gloucester back to Petit France on the A46, worked like a charm, only th drizzle stopped me filming the whole trip home. But when I did get home, the nice DHL man was just dropping of the suction mount and a waterproof case. Perfect timing!

    Tim Perry

  8. I’ve heard about the dodgy cards. I normally order from UK suppliers just because they get here faster, so luckily I haven’t been caught out yet!

    So how much did you pay for the case and mount? I saw the case in Birmingham Airport for around £15 but didn’t buy it… I think I might regret it!

  9. Just got back from Spain, camera and Lexar memory card worked like a charm, I’ll post some clips from the vids when I have 5 minutes. I think you missed a bargain for that case at £15, mine was about £30 direct from the eBay shop for these things. The suction mount is less useful, as the cup can’t cope with anything other than a flat surface. The way the sections link together isn’t standardised either, for example it won’t accept the camera in it’s waterproof case. I might make some adapters or modify the included parts to allow this.

    • Hi again,

      I managed to youtube some of my footage from my trip to Northern Spain. If you do a search for wunwinglow on youtube you will find all of them, but here are a couple for starters. Sound is awful, so I muted it, and compression for the net doesn’t help the image quality. Straight off the camera, it is excellent!

      Seasons Greetings,

      Tim Perry

      • Nice one! I guess I should get my camera sent off, but I’m still using it in the car when I’m not on the bike…

        As I said on YouTube – you need better video editing software for uploads. I’m using Corel VideoStudio Pro X3. It’s not as user friendly as WMM but it’s fine for basic editing once you get used to it, and video quality is about as good as the original. You can find free copies of just about anything around. 😉

  10. Latest Muvi adventures.

    I’ve given up on the date stamp and thought I’d look inside my HD7 (with the idea of making a windproof mic, checking if battery can be replaced and to inspect the lens (as the edges of all stills are blurry).

    -The unit easily comes apart after removing 2 screws hidden under tape at the bottom.
    -The battery can easily be replaced.
    -Blurry pics: I’d like to know if anyone else has noticed this problem. Once inside, the lens is on a thread and can be adjusted for focus. By adjusting it I can make the blurry area clear, but the other side of the picture is then out of focus, so I’ll have a go at putting a shim under the lens mount and let you know how I get on.

    One problem: I disconnected the battery, but now I’m not 100% sure of the polarity and am scared of frying my camera 😦 The battery is soldered to the terminals on the bottom left corner (in my picture). Would anyone be confident enough to open theirs and let me know the polarity of the terminals?

  11. This sounds fun! I would be really interested in fitting a bigger (MUCH bigger!!) capacity battery, even if this means making a new case. Or perhaps keeping the case as is, and fitting a remote battery pack somehow. The one limitation that I fight with is the battery life, which is no-where near enough to record a whole days riding, even if the memory card will hold that much. Indeed, if I get to the point where I’m taking the thing apart, I can make a more suitably shaped casing that fits directly onto my helmet rather than a whole bunch of hinges and brackets and velcro….
    All the best for 2013,
    Tim Perry

  12. As the USB connector doesn’t allow operation under external power, fitting a more powerful internal battery seems like a good move, but how? The standard casing won’t take a much bigger battery, and 1400mah is still close to the best power available. Extending or modifying the front section of the case would be possible, but would make the camera a lot less versatile in other ways, and the mounts wouldn’t fit. For a bike, it would make more sense to fit an auxiliary power socket to the camera which disconnects the internal battery when connected.

    Tim, if you fancy having a peep inside, I’d be delighted if you’d tell me the polarity of the battery connections to the board 🙂

  13. My muvi camera has started to show the ‘Invalid file’ across the screen. I was able to watch the video just after I recorded it but now it’s showing invalid file!!!!! Nooooo I need these files!! Can anyone help??? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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