Sympathy For The Devil

Sympathy For The Devil

In my opinion, if it’s a performance vehicle, then it’s designed to give high performance at all times.

In respect of this, I have absolutely no mechanical sympathy.

Rev limiters are there to tell you that you’re out of the power range – that’s the only reason you should change up a gear before hitting it.  If the redline is 12,500rpm then you shuould be changing up around 12,000rpm.

I will make sure the engine is warmed up and well serviced before I do this, but then I’m going to wring it’s -ing neck every time I go anywhere!

Fuel economy?  Pah!  If I’m not getting good mileage, it probably means I’m actually enjoying the journey.  Any money lost here is a ‘Fun Tax’, and worth every penny!

So you’d probably expect all my bikes – all of which I’ve piled on more milage than most would consider possible – would all run like a three-legged dog?

I’m happy to say they’ve all been fine!

I’d go as far as saying that they love it as much as I do!  I don’t know about the car yet, as this is my first one – but I will note that since I’ve had it and thraped it everywhere it now does at least 15mph faster than it used to in the hands of my dear old Mum.

So what’s the deal?  Is it better to pootle about the place, changing up the gears low down the revs, and being all ‘sensible’ and ‘economical’?

Or is it best to spurt a load of Super Unleaded petrol in every tank and let it do what it’s built to do?

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