Best Videos EVER (Part 1)

Best Videos EVER (Part 1)

You have to admit that YouTube is just brilliant!  So many hours have disappeared after I just went to watch one video clip on there, and then spent the rest of the night clicking links.  So I thought I’d share my personal favourites from over the years with you!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and hope there are at least a few here that you’ve never seen before.

1. Charlie Bit Me

An all-time classic with nearly 10 million views!

2. Cat vs Printer

3. Ice Diving Face Plant

4. Ultimate Sleeper Drag

I love the sound of this one, and the reaction of the crowd!

5. Hairdryer prank

6. Stick Guns

Awesome short film that takes me back to my childhood!

7. Interrupting a parade WIN

8. The Ultimate Pisshead!

9. Japanese Crystal Ball Performer (Contact Juggling)

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