180 Miles Around SAS Territory

180 Miles Around SAS Territory

With another sunny day, I took a last minute decision, topped the oil up, strapped the cameras on the bike and picked a place on a map.


I know of Brecon as the place of fame where the SAS train.  As I’d also be riding through Hereford where their base is, I thought this would be fitting for an SAS day out.  Plus I’d have a rucksack on, even if I wasn’t planning on lugging it around on foot.

The last time I’d ridden these routes were about 8 years ago on a ZXR400, where I’d had a bit of a play with a brand spanking new Honda Civic Type R on the twisty and undulating fast roads from Worcester to Hereford.  I was quite impressed at the speed, even though I still don’t really like the look of the cars.

After getting sidetracked (not lost!!!) in Worcester centre, I eventually found my way back to these roads and wasn’t disappointed.

This ‘ere be zider country!

Much as I love Shropshire countryside, I have to say that Herefordshire is also well up there.  There were some awesome views of the Malvern Hills off to the side of the road, and loads of other pointy-scenery-bits as I passed through the far side of Hereford, too.

I also made a random stop-off at a pub just outside Hereford called ‘The Swan’, just about making last orders for their extremely good Sunday Carvery with very friendly staff.  Still no bloody bread sauce, but for £7.95 it was one of the best I’ve had!

Turning off towards Brecon everything suddenly went all Welsh.  The countryside opened up with huge filthy great straights and random letters thrown onto roadsigns to try and make the reader spit.

I actually never thought Brecon was over the Welsh border until I saw the sign.  Feck knows what Welsh region it’s technically a part of?  I just know that I should state somewhere that this part of the journey was now in Wales, and not England, because the Welsh get all uppity about things like that.  They’re happy to be British to claim dual glory of English activities, but when anything is specifically Welsh the United Kingdom can piss off because it’s THEIRS!

As ever, when riding around places like this, I was keeping one eye on the sky to see what bewinged creatures were mooching about the place.  I saw a hawk sat on a telephone cable, but the literally big news was the Buzzards down that way.  Lots of them, and they are MASSIVE!

Coming into Brecon there are several Army-type bases.  I was going to get a picture of my bike in front of one of them, but then figured they might shoot me as a terrorist, so carried on sharpish.

Now I know where the Brecon Beacon(s) is (are?), I shall be planning a future picnic there with a day out having a walk about the place.

I didn’t see any SAS soldiers this time – but they’re sneaky!  Next time, and with a chilli, ham and cheese roll in my hand, I shall do some proper spec-op spotting!

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