Give Policing To The Proleteriat

Give Policing To The Proleteriat

I came across this article the other day:

Local communities should be given more powers to “reclaim their streets” in the fight against anti-social behaviour, says Baroness Newlove.

The Baroness is the widow of Gary Newlove who was murdered by a gang outside his home in Warrington four years ago. She has spent six months looking at the problem in England and Wales, and has come up with a range of recommendations.

Her proposals include tax rebates for volunteers working to make their areas safer, and giving communities the power to set their own speed limits.

Right.  They’re cutting out Police forces to death, and this idiot is suggesting giving the power to the people?

Whilst I agree with the theory of it to some extent, the main people who will stand up and volunteer for this kind of stuff is NOT the type of person who should EVER be in any kind of position of power.

The bit about making your area safer I agree with.  Hell, I’m all for vigilantes taking out the real criminals!  Chop the hands of car and bike thieves and burglers!  It’s not opportunist crime and they cause a lot of suffering.  Except the law has already proven to be on their side, and if we even wave a knife at them they’ll screw US over in court for their suffering, so what the fk are we supposed to do ‘as a society’?

The Baroness completely lost me talking about communities setting their own speed limits.

If you want a perfect illustration of the term ‘Jobsworth’, simple take a look at anyone who’s a civilian and been given a day-glo vest and a speed camera.  They’ve got all the self-importance and ideas above their station of a security guard.  And they all think they’re top level Special Forces Police!

Now add in their need to be the best, and you just KNOW that the reports filed against motorists will be embellished or just plain made up because they don’t like that person or they want to have the best figures in their Neighbourhood Special Speed Polizei gang.

Most of the fair and decent people won’t be arsed to participate in this stuff because they already have a life!

Assuming they were all fair and proper, do we REALLY want everyone driving around everywhere with their eyes glued to their speedometer rather than the road, because every half a mile the speed limit changes to some random figure set by locals?

Think about it…

5 thoughts on “Give Policing To The Proleteriat

  1. I understand what you’re saying, however I also understand the need for a neighborhood to police itself to an extent.

    Here in the States, we have neighborhood crime watches. They are groups of people from the neighborhood, who keep an eye on things, and report directly to a police officer designated to that duty. None of them carry weapons, nor are they allowed to do anything to intervene in a sticky situation. Most just take turns driving the neighborhood, being visible to help deter crime from happening in the first place.

    But I do agree with you about the speed limit thing. Although it would be nice for a neighborhood to determine their own speed limits, I can see how it would be dangerous for the reasons you listed.

    • We have a similar but less informal ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ scheme over here, where we’re supposed to look out for others in the scheme.

      The main problem with putting people with no authority in charge of stuff like this is that nobody these days has any respect even for those who ARE in authority! This is something that needs to be changed first, because from a rotton root you’re never going to get a bush to flower. Not that I’m commenting on your bush, or anything. Err…

  2. I think you’re absolutely dead-on when it comes to the mindset of empowered vigilante-volunteers. It’s a weird thing: the best people to handle criminal activity are very often the ones reluctant to do so in the first place. The last thing you need are power-mad people with delegated authority – which is why so many police forces weed out the idiots first by means of psychological testing.

    • I’m glad it’s not just my observation.

      I did a spell as a security guard, and it’s amazing how seriously and how far past the limits some of them will take the job! And if the people on the streets were given rewards for hitting targets… well, that idea just scares me.

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