Spanish Omelette, Nasty Evil Ninja Style

Spanish Omelette, Nasty Evil Ninja Style

First off, for those who’ve never had one, a Spanish Omelette is NOT ‘just an omelette’.

The main thing about a Tortilla de Patatas is that it’s got potato in, and is slow cooked.  Other than that just about anything goes…

I was first introduced to it on holiday in Spain, and fell in love straight away.  Over there they even have it cold in baguettes!  Mmm…

So, years after that first time, and after many bought ones (Tesco’s do a pretty damned good one that you just reheat in the pan), today I decided to give it a go.


1 onion chopped finely
3-4 new potatoes sliced
1 breast of chicken
‘Some’ sweetcorn
5 eggs
Coarse ground black pepper, garlic and salt to taste

If I’d had my way, it would have had ham and cheese in as well, but as I was cooking for two and Lill Boo didn’t want that, it couldn’t go in.

I grilled the chicken breast and then chopped it into small pieces, whilst putting the sliced potatoes into boiling water for around 10-15 mins until nice and soft but still firm.

Whack these into a big bowl (or a saucepan) with a handful of sweetcorn.

I fried the onion until soft and just about browning, then tipped these into the saucepan as well, sprinkled with coarse ground black pepper and a few pinches of garlic salt, mixed it all together well, and then left to cool slightly.

Everyone has a different opinion on this part, because if you pour over your 5 beaten egg mixture, it may cook it slightly if the rest of the stuff is still hot.  I wanted full control, and so let it cool a bit first.

Then heat some oil in a pan.  The ideal pan is a smallish deep on.  I didn’t have this so used a regular frying pan to make a monster-sized omelette.  You can also get specialist pans which make the flipping part a Hell of a lot easier…

Not Saturday Night Sick – Spanish Omelette

So slap it all into the pan, even it out, and then turn the heat down to a low level for around 20 minutes.  If you’re lucky the top will firm up a little, I wasn’t, and so had to improvise a little when I flipped it over.

After weighing up the potential first degree burns from a pancake-style flip, I slid it out of the pan onto a dinner plate, held the pan over the omelette and then flipped the plate upside down so it fell into to pan, using all 25 years of martial arts experience.  Perfect!

I left it sunny-side-down for another 10 mins or so, until the underside was also browned.

It sounds easy here, but there’s a fair bit of prep-work, infinite variables, and a lot of potential for it all to go horribly wrong!

Personally, I was chuffed to bits with my first attempt.  It could maybe do with a bit more salt and garlic, but we both ate the lot happily!

So what next?  Chilli?  Chorizo?

Have you got any tips or think I’ve done anything wrong?

G’is your favourite Spanish Omelette recipe!

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