Women Should Pay The Same Insurance As Men

Women Should Pay The Same Insurance As Men

Insurers cannot charge different premiums to men and women because of their gender, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.



I’ve long championed the view that I stole from Dub War: “Equal rights is for EVERYBODY!”

It’s why things like groups JUST for minorities (of whatever sort) piss me off.  Not only are they segregating themselves, but they make everyone else who never thought of you as different/oppressed/whatever as being, well, different, oppressed or whatever.  And probably makes some people hate you.

So this latest thing about insurance makes me laugh.

Women always say they want ‘equal rights’ as long as it actually means ‘in womens favour’.  When it means ‘equal with men’ a whole shitstorm kicks up!

So you want it equal?  Welcome to paying the same insurance costs as men!

It’s long been said that women are safer drivers than men.  Men, especially younger men, are assumed to jump in a car and drive it as fast as possible until they crash and end up in a fireball, costing the insurance companies millions.

Well I call bullshit.

Whilst there are SOME men who drive like that, I know at least an equal number who drive very safely and conservatively.  Conversely, I know a LOT of women who drive like spastics.

Sure, there ARE women who drive everywhere as quickly as possible, but I’m talking about the other kind of terrible drivers here…

For example, the ones who drive slowly because it’s ‘safer’ – even if it means doing 50mph on a motorway… Or the ones so nervous about driving they would probably die if they ever had to deviate from the three very precise routes they feel just about confident to drive on.

As a biker I see lots of poor driving on the roads.  I’m not going to say it’s all by women – in fact in my honest opinion it’s probably a fairly equal split.

But when it comes to drivers not paying the slightest bit of attention, I have to say women take the crown.

I’ve never seen a man driving along whilst applying make-up.  I don’t see men checking the mirrors every two minutes – not to look at other traffic, but to check their hair is still ok!  I mean, for fucks sake you’re in a car!  You’re not going to pull anyone, nobody gives a kippers dick what you look like, so what in the Holy Blue Fuck are you doing???


And you won’t see many mens cars around with glaring pink fluffy shit filling the interior, topped off with huge swinging fluffy dice, “Mrs Edward Cullen On Board” signs obscuring their blind spots, and Lord only knows what else!

Statistics my arse!  Here’s your average statistic for safe women drivers – this car was driven by two young women happily chatting away doing around 50mph in the overtaking lane of a totally clear dual carriageway:

Maybe men crash at higher speed, bigger accidents, but if you’re telling me women don’t have more low-speed bumps due to not paying attention or just being a dick, I’ll challenge your claims all day long.  Plus todays culture itself means many women are trying to imitate men with binge drinking and ‘ladette’ behavious etc.  You think this doesn’t extend to driving?

Strange, perhaps, because as I’ve noted before every female motorcyclist I’ve known has been an excellent rider…

7 thoughts on “Women Should Pay The Same Insurance As Men

  1. The best part of this rant about unsafe drivers? The video of you driving 130 mph on your motorcycle! 🙂 Love it!
    I share your views on equality. Seems like many who squeal about inequality actually want it the opposite–special treatment.

    • LOL that would be great to illustrate how speeding isn’t unsafe and nobody dies, and what the REAL cause of accidents normally is… Sadly, that’s a dead-on pinned (legal) 70mph throttle which I did exactly to prove the point that I could cruise past them…

      I can’t remember any case calling for equality that didn’t in fact want preferencial treatment. It’s like the same way that people will only EVER call you ‘selfish’ if you have something they want or they want you to do something for them!

  2. Sorry – I got distracted by the hot babe applying her lipstick. Now, what were you saying again?

    P.S. Great to see you here on WordPress, dude! I recall you were talking about it at one point. Now, isn’t this so much better than that other place? 🙂

  3. It’s infinitely better than MySpace was even at its peak! It’s almost like they want people to enjoy blogging on here and care about what functions they might find useful!

    Building up the subscribers is hard – but then I haven’t put anywhere near the effort into that yet as I did on MySpace. And it is very hard work…

    • Yeah it really is. I kind of wish WordPress had a similar blogger list as MySpace. But then……this company is overwhelming with bloggers and blogger types – it would likely be pretty difficult to do. I mean, outside of the “Fresh Pressed” blogs – which sort of acts like a “top blogger” vehicle. Sort of. I’ve found that when the folk here decide which blogs to put up there, they’re not looking for popularity (though I’d like to see that), but style and quality. Can’t fault ’em for that.

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