Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+ Full Review After Onboard Test

Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+ Full Review After Onboard Test

See this blog for my initial review of what you get and some tech specs: INITIAL REVIEW

The Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+ comes with millions of mountings and attachments.  By far the best option for a sportsbike is to stick it near the front of the tank where it will have an excellent view of the clocks and through the screen.  Mounting it on the tailpiece would be quick and simple, too.  In fact, for a track bike there are loads of options!

For the road, however, I soon realised my options were far more limited.  I don’t want to film my speedo.  That’s far too easy to incriminate yourself when you’re pulled over doing 75mph and the Police view the footage.

My other big consideration is for a bit of stealth – and the HD10 just doesn’t allow this anywhere near as well as the smaller cams such as the Veho Muvi Pro or MD80.  Plus there’s the 1.5″ video screen which draws attention at the traffic lights.

In the end, I went back to duct tape and sponge, mounting the HD10 on the front of the brake reservoir in the same place I favoured for smaller cams.

This still isn’t ideal for fast installment and removal – such as when you stop for petrol and don’t want some Scrote grabbing your camera off the bike whilst you’re inside paying.  This is something I will work on.

The velcro strips are very useful for mounting and as extra ‘security’ measures in case the cam does fly off at 190mph.

I used a simple piece of foam between the cam and the brake reservoir, and vibrations were minimal.  The footage doesn’t go wavy at high revs or over bumps.  There is some jolting, but footage is still continuous and it seems good.

More of a problem is the sound.  I think it’s more sensitive than the smaller cams, which means it does pick up more, but the crisper sound also picks up a lot of wind noise.  I think the hole on the front cover is for the mic, and I will try and dampen it next time by putting some tape across and see how that helps.  It has potential.

The time/date stamp is still there, although smaller on the HD10 it’s still a totally unnecessary pisser.  It is easier to set and can be altered through the menu options at any time – but I don’t want it there at all!  For one it’s unsightly, and secondly it goes back to incriminating yourself by showing the exact time and date the footage was filmed.  It could work in your favour or very much against it, so I randomise any stamps on my cams.  PLEASE GET RID OF IT, VEHO!!!

To be honest, I wasn’t  as impressed with the video quality as I was expecting to be.  It is better than a Veho Muvi Pro, but not by much… that is until you watch it on a full-size TV, where the difference really shows!  It’s still a bit grainy – especially in poor light conditions (see my test video) but the widescreen is good.

The 160 degree fisheye-type lens isn’t as terrible as I thought it might be, and doesn’t distort the footage in ways that make it look weird and unwatchable.  It’s just about right.

Playback on a TV directly from the DH10 is very impressive.  There is no broken footage or waiting around for it to play.  I’ve only tested this with the USB cable into my Xbox, but I should imagine the HDMI connection is just as flawless.

In my test the HD10 was recording at 1.28GB for every 30 minutes of footage – and again Veho needlessly split the footage every 30 minutes.  It does this quickly and does offer some protection if a file goes corrupt, but I doubt anyone likes it.  Sort it out, Veho.  And I got a shock editing my video in Windows Media Player, as this cam records as a .mov file and not a .avi.  This may not be an issue with other software, but WMP has to convert all the file before you can even snip a 30 second chunk out to edit.  Having said this, the .avi’s from the Muvi Pro and MD80 wouldn’t play from the cam through the Xbox or video player, whereas these files WILL.  And this is a Very Good Thing!

What is impressive is battery life.  All these cams make a claim that you can halve and then it’s getting closer to the truth.  Veho claim ‘4 hours recording time’ for the HD10 and for my test I left it recording for well over 3 hours before it switched itself off… and I later noticed that this was because the memory card was full!  Four hours of recording seems very realistic – and possibly more!

So overall the Veho Muvi HD10+ is damned good, but a bit of a let-down in parts, for me.  It’s just about perfect for filming trackdays – aside from it not being waterproof – or other more overt uses.

It IS a good camera, and for the price there isn’t much that compares.  The next one up is a £250 GoPro, and the next one down is probably a Veho Muvi Pro for around £60, so it does sit nicely in the gap.  Would I buy one again?  Well… unless my budget extended to the GoPro (which is even less covert and awkward to mount anywhere for everyday road use), then I would have to say that I would.

I was just hoping Veho would have sorted out things like the file-splitting and especially the time/date stamp.

You may disagree and think it’s amazing – I just think that they could have done better…


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14 thoughts on “Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10+ Full Review After Onboard Test

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  2. The video looks and sounds very good to me.
    Is the remote an infrared unit or radio frequency output? I would prefer an RF remote control.

  3. The remote is an RF unit and seems pretty powerful. Someone on YouTube (was it you?) asked me about it the other day, so I left the camera in a room on the far saide of my house and it still activated from the remote with no delay even through a wall! I will have to test the maximum range sometime, but as it is it’s easily good enough for most applications.

  4. How to remove date stamp.

    I guess like most true blokes the manual is always the last place to look for something you need 😉

    • oops didnt want that to show the vid.

      Lad explains how to remove hud in the comments of it.

      • Awesome! I figured it was the same as the other Veho Muvi cams so never bothered looking too hard. You’re absolutely right, and my time/date stamp is now switched off! Thanks a lot – I shall update the blog… come to think of it I probably should write a new blog now I’ve had another few months to find out how it all performs. 🙂

  5. The 30 minute breaks in video are there for TAX PURPOSES bro, if a device records longer than 30 minutes it technically falls into the category of VIDEO CAMERA which then falls into a different tax / import category! So most companies will put in an artificial limiter, sometimes it is 29min 59 seconds , others 30 min on the money. not including fat32 file size limitiations of 2gb? read it on a kodak forum when I bought my z1015 a few years ago 😛

  6. Hi, I just picked up one of these units at The Outdoors Show in London. So I’m pleased to see your review.

    I too struggled to turn off the Date Stamp, having read a review on Amazon which stated it was not possible. However it is 🙂

    Just for other readers:-

    Press: ‘M’, Press “>” twice to access the properties Menu (it has the cog symbol), move down to Time Display, now set it off!

    • Does that actually work on yours? it did the first time on mine (when I wrote this blog) – but now the tick just stays in the box and I can’t deselect it! This is something that may have been adressed on the newer versions…

      • Hi,
        Yes, so far the date stamp is missing, but I’m only on day two. There is a small reset pin hole on the side which might help if your settings are no longer working. (The manual is a bit poor, I was hoping to find an owners forum to see how others have mounted the camera on different equipment.)

  7. Very good Review and I agree, for the money it is OK, but the picture quality compared to the likes of GoPro2 and Contour HD is very poor, like watching VCR Video vs a DVD…. I personally was very disappointed, but you get what you pay for. I purchased the waterproof cover, it helps with the terrible sound…. but I also opened the camera up and suppressed the microphone internally.

    All in all if you want youtube average quality then it is a good camera for less than 150 pounds. next time I will save and get a Contour HD GPS.

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